Long or short wedding dresses: Which ones are sexier?

To go long or to go short...that is the question! Some brides will know immediately what they want their girls to rock, whereas others will drive their 'maids mad trying to make up their minds.

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A wedding ceremony is such an event, the preparation of which always involves a choice. Especially painful may be the selection of wedding dress. Now there are plenty of different wedding dresses models in fashion! Choose any! And here is the problem! What is better, long or short wedding dress to choose? But let's move away from the routine! Let it be so easier the decision-making process.

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Not as usually

Here, it is the idea of the departure from the tradition. Short wedding dresses, sure, look sexier than the long wedding dresses. Though, to tell the truth, they have not yet become something familiar on the marriage celebration. The brides in a short wedding dress will certainly be noticed by the guests and may even surprise the groom.

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Long vs short wedding dress

Create your style before the marriage ceremony.

If you want to create a vintage design of the 60's and 70's wedding dress, then choose a short wedding dress. You will look not less sexy than in a stylish short wedding dress. If you want to be like old princes then, of course, the choice of a long wedding dress is a priority.

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Comfort and practicality

Few ladies wear wedding dresses after the event, but nevertheless, a short variant of a wedding dress has more chances to find a usage for other cases. Besides, if the day of the marriage ceremony you plan to walk, a short wedding dress will be more convenient. It also does not lose the form from the road dust and rain. Moreover, nothing prevents a short dress to complement the luxurious long detachable scarf.

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The choice of the wedding dress length depends on the shapes of the bride and her sense of presence. If she has ugly feet (most likely beautiful, just so she thinks), it is better to opt for a long wedding dress. So the bride will feel confident, which is 90% of success. And if the fear has some background, long wedding dress will safely hide all the flaws. All in all, this is the primary objective of any outfit to cover up the problems and emphasize the dignity.

So, dear ladies if you have slender legs, it is a sin to hide them. Do not hide your beauty, wear a short wedding dress. If the bride is the owner of great forms, it may be possible to choose neither long nor short wedding dress length: this will give the image of lightness. To look slim, it is not necessarily to wear a long dress.

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The devil is hidden in the details

And in our case - in accessories. If long wedding dresses require the minimum of them, the bride in a short wedding dress needs more approach to the selection of accessories. The choice of shoes should be very careful. Everything should be in harmony and look flawless!

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Well, the happiness this day depends on your mood, temperament. For a playful, easy way of activities bet on a short wedding dress version. For the more serious, traditional, on the contrary, you need to wear a long wedding dress.

In any case that day you will look luxurious. All the brides do that day.

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