Should single parents be allowed to adopt

What are the prons and cons of getting adopted by a single parent? Read and find out!

Can single parents have a right to adopt a child? In the jurisdictions of some countries it is clearly stated that single parents should not be allowed to adopt. In the countries (Germany and some parts of the US), where there are enough people willing to take foster children, adoption is allowed by the law only to the married couples.


And there are good reasons for that. After all, the statistics shows that incomplete families are more likely to have problems with bringing up children (and it doesn’t matter if they are their own children or foster kids).

In such families the child is less attached to the family and does not get the experience of the communication with the representative of the opposite sex. This might cause problems of communication with mates and building their own families and most of the teenage rebellions are happening in single-parent families.

Single parents have a lot of struggles; they have to face the difficulties of bringing up children as well as providing them with the necessary things. It is necessary to think if a single parent will be able to cope with the psychological and financial pressure and to raise a child normally.

If they adopt a young child, it would be very exhausting for the parent to take a good care. But it doesn’t mean that older children don’t need that much attention.

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Moreover, if the child spent two or three years in the orphanage and managed to go through some psychological and health problems, they would need a lot more attention and support. You must be ready to give all your love to the child.

Will parents who don’t have any experience in raising children have enough power, money and psychological stability to become good parents?

And what should be done to the foster kid if something goes wrong with the parent? In addition, there is a risk that the single parent, unable to cope with the difficulties, will return the child to the orphanage. It will certainly influence the child in a really bad and dangerous way.

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The family itself is a very powerful tool. The father and mother of children have the necessary set of social roles. Therefore, only the active participation of both parents in the upbringing makes the kid more stable and successful.

Can a single parent be both the mother and the father? Will he be able to provide the foster child with everything they might need? No one can give a 100 percent answer to this question - it depends a lot on the individual. In general, the couple adoption is natural and more useful in all ways.

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For example, in Russia both married couples and single parents have a right to adopt. There it is considered that more single parents should be allowed to adopt. There are about 69 000 children who are waiting their turn to get adopted.

The percentage of the orphans on the African continent is really huge. It is 20%. It means that every fifth child doesn’t have a real family. There is no doubt that in such a difficult situation it’s necessary to give the right to adopt to single parents because every child deserves a better place than the orphanage.


Of course, it is better for the child to have a full family. But the reasons why single parents should be allowed to adopt are absolutely understandable.

After all, if there is no married couple willing to take the kid, it would still be better to place him in a foster single-parent family. However, before they are able to take the baby home, a single parent should do a good, high-quality training in psychological, educational, and material terms.

Future single parents need to carefully think of the "pros" and "cons” and  how it’s going to be possible to raise the child in a right way. They should also think if they have enough money to support an extra person in the family and solve all the other issues they might have during the process of adoption.


It is unfortunate that in some countries it is forbidden to single parents to adopt children. On the one hand, maybe it's for the best, because the family is not complete, one parent will not be able to provide the child with all that can give two parents. On the other hand, if a person can not find a soul mate, or just decided to live alone, not to enter into a relationship with the opposite sex, he really has no right to have children, though not native. And if a woman can not give birth, and does not have a husband, she also can not adopt a child? Well, it seems wrong to me. Although it should be any extenuating circumstances.

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