What are the bad points of being sarcastic?

Do you often meet sarcasm in life? Do you feel sarcasm negative effect? Read more about sarcasm.

sarcasm in life

In modern society, a sarcasm against the interlocutor has become almost a norm of communication. Immediately it is necessary to differentiate the concept of humor and sarcasm. Humor is a joke, intended to make people laugh, to give his face a happy expression and smile. And sarcasm intended to hurt, hitting his shortcomings in the most unflattering terms, and put them on public display.


Good humor can bring a person bad mood, but the sarcasm itself is quite capable of it. The pungency of the sarcasm relating to a particular historical era may be incomprehensible to the following generations due to the fact that you lose the social aspect. So vulgar and not clever sarcasm and dies so quickly in the modern Internet space.

sarcasm effects

But if sarcasm touches on some deep issues of our existence, then we have the chances to be perceived by posterity as exquisite humor, and not rebuking anything.

Sarcasm in literature.

Suffice it to recall "Gulliver" Swift, which was written as a satirical, and full of sarcasm against the contemporary society and over time this social background has disappeared, and now Gulliver's Travels is seen as a book for children. You can also remember the full sarcasm of the expression of Voltaire, which later became to be perceived as examples of eloquence. 

Why you need sarcasm to modern man? Mainly for the same purposes and early history – to tell the society on his faults openly, and not in veiled form. Also sarcasm is one of the ways of self-defense of a person, attempt to build around themselves a kind of "protective space", through which in his life not to leak the negative, and Vice versa, it will spill out.


The problem with this method of self-defense is that sooner or later the sarcastic comments will start to push away from the person using them, more and more people. Although, it should be noted this paradox that sarcasm is often used precisely to attract attention, to focus all of his personality.

Sarcasm on TV.

This statement can be confirmed, only briefly turning on the TV, or rummaging through the Internet. The abundance of TV presenters, journalists, authors, journals, spouting hateful comments, which essentially are a form of sarcasm, is just as impressive.

But sarcasm can be a form of expression of intellectual superiority over the interviewee. You can, for example, total recall is one of the most striking examples is Dr. House from the eponymous TV series. He does not mince words and makes sarcastic comments towards their work colleagues and even patients, to compete with itself in wit. His sarcasm is original and fresh, it communicates to colleagues the nature of the disease and the method of its treatment.

But let us remember, do we know many happy people who often resort to sarcastic comments. Probably not so much. If there were none.

The same house, for example, and has not found his happiness, and swift preferred the company.

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