What are the signs of a confident public speaker?

Did you ever have to perform a public speech in front of the big crowd? If no, check out this article and get a few tips how to be a good narrator.

good public speaker

The majority of people feel nervous when they have to perform public speeches. The main problem is that they don’t feel confident enough to stand in front of the crowd and speak.
Let’s define what the main instructions are of being a confident public speaker.


public speaking charisma

Charisma is something given to us by nature. But it also can be created by the way you behave yourself and how you communicate with people. Charismatic people are usually talk with a smile on their face and automatically show their openness to everyone.
Charisma can also be trained if you don’t possess it from your birth. Just try to be nice and intelligent. Create your own style of speaking, it’s easy.


public speaking lexicon

Lexicon is the key factor that defines a good public speaker. People get really impressed when you are able to narrate, using different special words.
For widening your lexicon read more books, science articles, enrich your knowledges in different areas.

Chatting up with auditory

chat up with audience

You have to build a connection with your audience. Start from greetings; talk with them about what’s about to happen for a little bit.
By having conversations with your listeners you will take their attention and they will be listening without any interruptions.

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Memorize the concept

memorizing the concepts

Many people think that real orators memorize their speeches word-to-word. But we have to ensure you that these people are wrong. You may turn on many famous speeches of world leaders and almost all of them have some improvisations.
Improvising, you make the process of listening much easier and more interesting. It makes people think that you actually know what you are talking about.



While narrating or making a public speech, you have to articulate the words. Don’t forget to make pauses while talking; don’t talk too fast or too slow. Try to talk looking at your whole audience which will show that you want to be heard by every one of them.


public speaking diction

Diction is obviously one of the main factors that define a good public speaker. Your diction has to be perfect. Try to work on it with some special exercises which are available on the internet.
Besides the diction, do not forget that the timbre of your voice has to be calm. It simply cannot express any negative emotions.  

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