What is mindfulness and how to achieve it?

Have you ever thought about mindfulness benefits? And what about mindfulness excersises? Read the article to get rid of problems and start to live a full life.


Many people who came to this page will not read it up to the end. And those who will finish reading minute will forget most of the information a little time later. And this is not fiction; it is a scientifically proved fact. Our brains are overloaded with unnecessary information, which does not allow us to focus on something crucial, vital and to be attentive. Partly it's the fault of our cultural epoch, our busy lifestyle, partly it is our problem.
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Mindfulness benefits

Many people want to keep mindfulness, feeling they are losing self-control and ability to focus carefully  on one and the same thing for a long time. It's like we forget mindfulness meaning that makes humanity gradually lose consciousness.
Frankly speaking,  even when we want something to do with it, firmly decide to keep mindfulness when our memories are fresh, and motivation is actual... Something, as usually,  goes wrong, the first day everything is still good, but then, gradually, day by day something is lurking in our soul, we already feel hesitation. While we do not know what it is, unexpected doubt  already appears.  Our doubt, our weakness, absence of mindfulness meditation.

It turns out that we  are so weak that can't even bring into life our ideas. We come under influence of somebody or something and become passive. But fulfilling the will of others, we still have in the heart a little hope to become strong. Hope dies the last. We need a little courage to challenge ourselves. Maybe your mindfulness results and achievements have nothing special, but they are yours. 
Oh, and these books, "Becoming successful in 10 days" or "Stop doing nothing and start to earn" they are good in principle, but these books distract you. It is a social disease. The absence of the concentration.It is time to practice mindfulness exercises and start notice important things.

How to develop mindfulness? Attention is the most valuable thing that we possess.

To preserve mindfulness you need to pay attention and external group information and classify it properly, but it is possible  when your concentration is in good condition. When you take control over emotions and nothing disturbs you. Do not worry about extra information, keep calm and think only about mindfulness benefits.

As it goes, to become mindful you should practice a kind of exercise. It may be compared with muscle training but for the brain. To be more mindful you need to pay attention to your attention. You need to develop it and continually return to it. You can't run a marathon if you are not a runner. To be mindful, you need to work hard and do not forget about the final goal.
To make it more understandable let us draw an analogy with the body. Body training is based on three basic concepts: training, nutrition, rest. The brain is also a part of the body, and it also needs these three components to be developed. Training, however, is not physical but mental, proper nutrition and rest for recovery go without saying.
A very interesting  method is alternation. You just need to change rest and work. The main point is to make intervals between productive work and rest periods.
What happens? Mindfulness cannot be concentrated all the time; we can hold it for a while when it is necessary or when we are interested. After that, our brain needs to rest. Intervals of productivity can be trained and gradually increased. Thus starting with small intervals of mindfulness and longer time periods of relaxing, we can reach long intervals, with short rest time.

Mindfulness excersises

The sense of the technique you can fit in 30 words, at least Wikipedia does it. The mindfulness meaning is just an ability of our brain which can be trained. In other words, it is a simple skill. If you want to get more results all you need is constant training.
Try control yourself and do less, then take a break and continue your activity.
The ability to be mindful will gradually increase, and after some time you can do longer intervals.

You should begin slowly and progressively. To run a long distance marathon at once is not possible. The only step by step repetitions will bring you the desired result. In its turn positive results bring perfect satisfaction which is connected with positive emotions and,  as a result, you fill happy.
And something is necessary to stress at the end...
The mindfulness and the body are the results of our style of life. Mindfulness exercises take time and energy, but you need to develop the correct habit. Such training is worth it.
Attention training is a good habit, which is worth the time.

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