What is the psychology of laziness?

What makes us being lazy? Is laziness a disease or a bad habit? Read the article and find the answer.

How to get rid of laziness and stop being a couch potato? Something tells me that this is one of the most popular and eternal questions. Let's  disclose  this mystery and understand:  the psychology of laziness ,  the types of laziness .You  will learn the most effective way to get rid of laziness.

Laziness - a particular problem for most people. It is comparable with refractory disease, drug addiction, which affects a large part of the population. Laziness prevents moving forward to reach new peaks, to lead a healthy life, to restore order at home, make life more comfortable and beautiful. This   problem requires serious treatment. It is necessary to get rid of laziness, to deal with its symptoms, and for this purpose to pinpoint the concept and classification of laziness.

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How to get rid of laziness

One can’t deny  we are all very different, each person has a certain way of life, their habits and, of course, has its own peculiar laziness.  Psychology of  laziness  is the need of our body in maintaining vital energy - vital juices.  However, like any other instinct - laziness has no ability to take into account the characteristics of different life situations.  On the opposite,  it deprives of the ability to act intelligently when necessary. Instincts are not able to understand  a high degree of accuracy in any given situation, they can not anticipate possible scenarios in our lives, they only can satisfy our current needs.  Right here and now!  That is why it is so difficult to explain to our body, that sometimes it is necessary to work hard, for example, it is necessary to study carefully. In a word - the instincts do not possess the ability to think strategically. But our brain does. So, many people accept  that  they should work hard to improve their lives,  in order to work less in the future,  and make our body serve longer.  

Classification of laziness 

Weak motivation. The lack of human goals and aspirations. He does not understand the necessity of his actions and hopes to How shift all their responsibilities on others. In such a case you need to motivate yourself. Estimate  the importance of your actions. Weigh the pros and cons. Stop hoping that everything will be settled itself. Find the most loyal and reliable way to the goal.

Lack of willpower. We can say that this is the most common type of laziness. Instead pushing himself to built plans in life, a person begins to search for a lot of reasons and excuses. The  main  idea is to start. No wonder it is considered that the business is half finished. For example, if you want to do sports, you must first purchase a new track suit and find out schedule of classes in the sports section. But go further! This is not a final station.

Laziness as  a way of life. A very unusual kind of laziness. Man, before  performing  a specific task begins  to develop tactics and strategy in his mind, giving no signs of action. People treat  him as a lazy one, in such a way making him believe in this dogma. . This category of people do not need treatment for laziness. If you try a little bit to accelerate deliberation stage, this may lead to faster results.

Laziness on the level of intuition. This kind of laziness is considered to be even useful. When because of some  reason, people  constantly postpone the planned activities, and later find out that this activity is not actual any more. As if the body on a subconscious level, saves energy and time. However, we can not all be blamed for  laziness  and try to get away from it, it is so easy to confuse the subconscious signs with reality.

Laziness according to Freud. From the point of view of psychology laziness, as a process brings pleasure  but the results of laziness are often disappointing.

Laziness as a method of running from responsibility. The origins of this laziness go deep into childhood, when  loving parents endlessly  take care of their "dear children" and prevent them  from the responsible commissions. In this case ,you need to do a lot of work and a have a  constant desire to change yourself  only for the better.

Defensive reaction. The human body  is  a real intellectual miracle, compared to non-living, even the most intelligent computer. In this case we are talking about fatigue. But it is impossible to get tired of absence of activity.

Lazy  workaholic. Incredibly, most workaholics suffer from  this type of laziness. They wake up one day unable to start a new day with the usual hard labor lifestyle blamed themselves of laziness that leads them to depression. A body is just tired and needs to rest and recover.

"The engine of progress." Since the great minds seek to develop and create mechanisms to replace the physical labor of man, get rid of any effort - and you can be lazy. Laziness engines the progress of life.

However, the aim should be to  release  our time for more useful activities, otherwise the progress will stop.

Elective  laziness. This is the easiest version of the "disease. It shares our interests and actions and does not lead to any global consequences. Just at the moment it is easier to do one  particular issue  and  all the rest can be postponed.

Progressive laziness.  Pretty dangerous kind.  It is necessary to let yourself have a slight  laziness  in working life, putting  away some important assignments, as  there is a reason to postpone more and more work mentally saving yourself from having assigned operations and ceasing to worry about the consequences. To avoid a negative result, you need to identify the signs of laziness quickly  and  start treating  it by any means.

How to get rid of laziness

Thus, the most effective way to combat laziness is motivation and commitment to the goal. You must motivate yourself so reasonably  that no obstacle, cause or excuses can  outweigh the positive.

The motivation may also serve as the positive example successes and achievements of other people’s successes and achievements,  their desire to win and pass a strong test on the way to the goal. They can inspire even the laziest people.

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