What questions to ask yourself to understand what to do with your life?

Your life has become dull and boring? You don’t know how to understand life? Have lots of questions with no answer? After reading this article you will get all the answers to the life understanding questions.

This is a list of questions that will change your mind. Ask them yourself and try to answer them honestly. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. But sometimes a correctly asked question already has the answer.
  • How much years would you give yourself if you don’t know the age?
This will help you evaluate your attitude to yourself – how old do you consider yourself – more mature than you are or vice versa.
  • What is much worse, losing or never trying?
This answer is a clue to find out what nature do you have – a leader or a loser.
  • Why we do a lot of things which we do not like to do, and do so little of which we love?
In such a way you will understand the motive of your actions – if it is yours or someone else’s.
  • If you are offered to change one thing in our universe, what exactly would you choose?
This way you will understand what you aren’t satisfied with.
  • If happiness is the national currency, what kind of work would you choose to make yourself affluent?
If you don’t like your job – this is the answer to help you change it.
Understanding of life
  • How do you manage to control things that are going on in your life?
  • What is your happiest memory of childhood? What makes it so?
It shows what is the most precious for you in life.
  • You haven’t yet achieved this, the way out is to lose?
  • What can be considered good and what bad?
  • Being given a million of dollars, would you leave your job?
  • If everyone you know will die tomorrow, who come to visit you today?

Life is good

  • If we learn from our mistakes, why are we afraid to do them?
  • When was the last time when you noticed the sound of your own breathing? Heart?
It means that you pay or not pay attention to your body and soul.
  • What do you prefer doing throughout the life? 
  • The decisions should be taken here and now. Do you tend to accept them not taking them on your own

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