Which unhealthy habits sabotage our healthy ones?

Do you have unhealthy habits? Do you know how to avoid them? Do they prevent your healthy life style?

bad habits

If you do not smoke or use drugs, you may think that you have no bad habits. 

But what if you constantly bite your nails or chew gum? 

Of course, not all bad habits are destructive, but they can significantly complicate the life and have a negative impact on health.The dependence of habits is a protective reaction, allowing to reduce tension and relax, enabling you to feel better. Usually, such habits are not dangerous, but can irritate others.We offer bad habits you need to get rid of .

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Healthy and unhealthy eating habit

Snacking at night is one of those addictions that is very difficult to overcome. 

It's one thing if you decided to eat a light meal (e.g. fruit or vegetables), and another – if the preference is given to chips, fries, and ice cream.

So why are we so fascinated by food with a high content of fat, sugar, and calories? The fact is that absorbing these foods, we not only saturate your body but and get pleasure from the taste of the products.

Fight this habit by replacing foods that are high in fat and carbs in green leafy vegetables and fruits that contain folic acid and other vitamins. That will help to fight depression. 

bad habit

The  unhealthy habit of nail biting

Nail biting is not so harmful as to consume the meal at night, but still not very nice (and even ashamed) to have ugly nails.

This habit caused by anxiety and you can learn about the psychological state of a person just by looking at his nails.

It is interesting that most people with these disorders do not want to get rid of their bad habits because it brings them pleasure (not only that, they even find a pleasant nibble nails).

But! The nibble nails can cause damage to the cuticle, the formation of bleeding, and even bacterial infection.

nail biting


Procrastination is a term in psychology describing the behavior of a man who is conscious of the need to perform specific actions (e.g., his job), but postpones and ignores the schedule, switching their attention to insignificant things (e.g., life) or entertainment. 

Psychologists call it the anti-anxiety that is associated with the beginning or the end of some cases, making serious decisions.

It is difficult to understand the motivation of such behavior, but here are the most common reasons:

Fear of failure or expectation of success.

Fear of making the wrong decision.

Protest against the imposition of foreign behavior patterns.

bad habit

The unhealthy habit of using abusive language.

When You hear offensive language on TV or in the movies, it can be funny. 

On the one hand, profanity means not enough self-control, and they are not able to express their thoughts properly. On the other, swearing down, thereby blocking more serious consequences (e.g., physical aggression).

Studies show that people who use foul language are easier to tolerate the pain because at the time of swearing occur bursts of adrenaline that blocks pain. Besides, swearing dulls emotional pain and experiences. But the more one swears, the less effective this method of dealing with stress.

bad habit

Chewing gum-unhealthy lifestyle

Constant use of chewing gum is a  bad habit, which some people helps to relieve stress, or relieve boredom. The inflation bubble is a children's ritual that's learning how, for example, whistling or Biking. However, there are positive aspects in chewing gum.

The researchers found that chewing gum, people better focus and concentrate their mental abilities, but within the first twenty minutes. 

The solution to this situation is simple: remember that the main purpose of gum is to freshen breath, but because of more than 15 – 20 minutes to chew it not worth it.

bad habit

Coming late

At school for being late, you can just drive out with a lesson. If you are late for work, you can be fired for violation of labor discipline, and this is a big problem. 

Even if constant tardiness does not lead to serious problems, this may indicate that the person is unorganized and unprofessional about the work.

The delay may be a consequence of a lack of discipline or the habit to live without plans. Also, some people are flattered by the fact that they are waiting for.

Bad and unhealthy habit of interrupting

Especially annoying when you are interrupted during a conversation, and repeatedly. Suggests the following conclusion: interrupting trying to say something much more important than what you said.

But still, sometimes each of our someones interrupts, despite the fact that it is considered not polite.

You do not hesitate to interrupt the subordinate or the colleague but never dare to do the same with your boss.

Regardless of who You're talking to, remember about ethics: it doesn't matter what relationship You have with someone, first wait until the end of his speech, and then voice your thoughts.

Perhaps You should take notes if you are afraid that you will forget what you wanted to say.

bad habit

Gossip and rumors

If gossip would not be so fun and interesting, then there was no TV shows or Internet sites and magazines devoted to the popular and famous people who love to be the center of attention. 

Many of the "stars" of their personal life are viewed "under the microscope."

Some people can't resist sharing with other interesting information. It is a way of building relationships with their friends and even the higher authority in their eyes.

If you think that in conversation with others, allow yourself to talk too much, try to put yourself in the place of the person that's being discussed, it is always unpleasant to hear about negative information.

bad habit


Restlessness is, of course, a bad habit, but some researchers believe that such behavior could benefit. The fact that such hyperactivity lowers the level of cortisol (also known as the "stress hormone"). 

But! Inability to sit still is one of those harmful habits that can have negative social consequences. So, if the man is always waving hands or loud wheezes, it may not only disturb others and annoy them.

bad habit

Computer addiction is unhealthy habit 

Very easy to spend almost all their time looking at a computer screen, TV, tablet or phone. Most of us have to spend in front of a computer at least 40 hours a week. Moreover, almost all free time we devote to watching TV shows and social networking.Scientists have found that excessive pastime at the computer monitor and the TV screen can cause eye fatigue and lead to vision loss.Of course, television viewing and Internet use have many advantages, but we should not forget about walks with friends, sharing time with his family and the performance of daily tasks, which often do not have time because of the overuse of virtual life.

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