Why being a pessimist is not that bad?

Be yourself – it is the new trend of successful people. Why being a pessimist is not so bad? What you should do to make your life easier? Find out from this article.


It is fashionable to be optimistic. There are a variety of courses and workshops where people learn how to be optimistic and keep the Hollywood smile on their faces even if they are very sad inside.

Now it's time to forget about this trend. Because the most important thing in this life – not to lose your identity. Be yourself! – the motto of the advanced and smart people. Why you should copy someone if your personality is unique?


What does pessimistic mean?

In my opinion people do not become pessimistic, they born pessimists. Of course, if you've got a serious psychological trauma in your childhood or youth, you will become a pessimist against your will, even if you are not disposed to be such person. But mostly pessimism or optimism is an innate type of character, which is hereditary, like a genetic disease.

So why should not you accept it and treat your feelings with great respect?


3 steps to success

If you are a pessimist,

  1. the first step to become successful – not to hide behind the mask, do not imitate optimism.
  2. The second step – try not to suppress your negative emotions. Modern psychologists have come to the conclusion that only connecting with our emotions, accepting the, we can keep our mental health in harmony and balance.
  3. The third step – is to realize that to be pessimistic, in spite of the generally accepted idea, is not so bad.

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Pessimist advantages: 5 reasons why being pessimist is good

Now I'll tell you why you're in luck, being pessimist.

  1. If you have a bad mood, you do not need to keep an idiotic smile on your face, like optimists do. You should not hind behind the mask. You can fell free!
  2. You look at things more realistic than other people. And in the case of possible failure you can easily insure it and get away with it.
  3. You will never get caught by surprise, because you know everything in advance.
  4. You can allow yourself negative emotions, without suppressing them. You, unlike the optimists, do not have high requirements on your own. You know that the light bar in your life can not last forever.
  5. You are much less than the optimists impact a failure. It will certainly not drive you into depression.

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But there is another side of the coin. Being a pessimist – means being always gloomy and negative.

The scientists have already discovered that our thoughts shape our reality. Thinking about failure lock you the opportunity to succeed.

You are a human of a new Epoch and it is time for you to accept the idea, that your thoughts form your personal reality. So I'll give five tips, which will help you to ease your life.

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5 tips for the pessimist

  1. Do not concentrate on the negative. Negativity draws us like a swamp, and you can easily fall into depression because your life has lost the brightness. It is better to keep in your soul the feeling of the careless and happy childhood.
  2. Be open to the world and new friends. People do not like turn in on themselves negativists, but respect truthfulness and those who do not hide their feelings. I do not urge you to give up everything and become an optimist. Just try to keep the balance.
  3. Permanently mark how your reality is shaped by your thoughts and emotions. For example, when you are happy, you may not even notice the bad weather outside. This means that you can choose where to direct the focus of your perception. You do not depend on the circumstances, but the circumstances are formed by you. Remember: you are the creator of your life!
  4. If you are swept over another wave of negative emotions, it would be better to go outside to breathe the fresh air, go in for sports or do the housework which has been delayed for the long time. Use destructive energy for peaceful purposes and you will notice how your life is transformed.
  5. Every negative emotion stimulates your for growth and development. When we gradually overcome it and take control of our life, we become stronger. It is an opportunity to become more harmonious personality, without falling into pessimism or optimism. There is a middle ground between joy and sadness. Just keep it to be successful.

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I hope my article has helped you to believe in yourself and find incentives for personal development.

I wish you love and light in your life!

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