Why do people judge me when they find out that am not a virgin?

Q I'm a 16-year-old Christian who recently gave up

my virginity. I waited until I really loved my

boyfriend, and I knew he loved me. I don't think sex

has anything to do with the fact that you're married

or single. I think it's a choice each person has to

make by asking themselves if they're prepared for

the outcome if something goes wrong. I talked to

my partner about the possible outcomes. We used

protection and nothing bad happened.

My boyfriend broke up with me recently. I know it

wasn't because of sex, it was just because we had

grown apart in our relationship. We're still best

friends and we talk all of the time. I still don't regret

anything I've done because I know I loved my

boyfriend, and I always will. So why do people

judge me when they find out that I'm not a virgin?

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