Why money is better than education

What is more important? Money vs Education! Read and find out!

The higher education and the work experience combined together in one person are something that all employers want. But many people debate why money is better than education. And is experience better than the diploma itself?


Whatever job you’re applying for, there is usually still a requirement of having a diploma. At the same time you should also have experience. It’s usually the period of time that you’ve worked that is important. Sometimes employers tend to not say anything about experience at all.

This is a good option for students. This way they can learn and actually get more experience. So if the higher education diploma is more important while looking for the job, does it mean that getting education is more important than earning money and getting experience?

Any employer will tell you that it’s not true. Of course knowledge is necessary, but a year of practice will give you a lot more than five years spent listening to the lectures.


Also if you are experienced, you know how to do your job. That’s why it can actually bring you some money. Even if you don’t have a diploma.

Reasons why money is more important than education

Professors in the universities usually focus more on a theory, not on practice. It means that a lot of time is just wasted. If you get lucky and have nice teachers, you will get a chance to find out about specific sides of the job you want to get later from your teacher.

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But those people are often not that experienced either. Isn’t it wasting time when you can just have an actual job and earn money?

Pros of education

But if you still want to continue your studies, the only solution for you would be to get a part-time job which is similar to what you were planning to do later. It’s very important not to chase the money because you won’t be paid a lot, and not to be afraid of any work.

If they say you have to do a boring work with papers and it doesn’t have anything to do with your real job, you still have to do it. You will get experience, some money and a better CV.


As some people say, education is necessary in order to be able to analyze and process the information well. In addition, studying improves your memory, develops the skill of working with a huge amount of information, it teaches you how to be organized and how to reach your goals. You should agree that it’s important.

There are a lot of situations where you would need to apply everything you have learnt. For example, if you work as a PR manager, you know that listening to someone doing this job is completely different from doing it yourself or participating in some kind of project.

For some jobs it’s not possible to work without a diploma. If we talk about any leadership positions the candidate won’t be able even to go to the job interview.

However, if he doesn’t have enough experience, he won’t actually get a job. So it turns out that both experience and education are very important.

Why money is more important than education

Higher education is not required for some jobs. In this case, experience comes the first. If your job doesn’t include any leadership or intellectual work, than there’s no point of spending a lot of time studying.


And even though education teaches people how to think, there are a lot of good examples when people without diplomas did great job in becoming famous and earning a lot of money. That’s the answer to the question why money is better than education for new generation.

Nowadays there are more opportunities for the youth and the world is more ready to recognize people even if they don’t have diplomas.

The good example would be Bill Gates. If he spent more time doing the same thing everyone did, he wouldn’t have become so famous.

So you can be get bad grades, skip classes, be excluded from school or university, but at the same time you might be a naturally active person, an initiative leader, who know exactly what he wants.

You know how to achieve your goal and you do everything in order to make your dreams come true. It is important to be able to turn any bad experience into a good one, no matter what. When you fully understand it you become a winner.


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Answered 9 months ago.

Today we are witnessing with the financial destruction of people who, using the old rules of the game, saving up money, and by all means liquidate debts. They believe investment is risky, although the far greater danger is a lack of financial knowledge and experience.

There are 3 types of education that are necessary for human life:

Common. We learn to read, write, count.

Professional. We get a profession.

Financial. We must learn how to make money work for us. The school system is good enough to cope with General and vocational education, but absolutely helpless in terms of financial education.

Robert Kiyosaki wrote: "When people ask me what subject I would be introduced in the school curriculum, if supervised education system, I say: "I would have ensured that students walked out of school, to understand the relationship between taxes, debt and inflation." If they realize this, they will have a more secure future. You do not rich silver, gold and real estate, and what do you know about the silver, gold and real estate.

Answered 1 year ago.

I would not be so persistent and would not compare the money and education, I would put between them the sign "AND" or "Addition". I will explain why, all for the reason that not having money to get sensible education is impossible, because it is money allows you to enjoy the freedom of choice and stop exactly on what is interesting to you. But then there must be a desire, because if there is the same desire and the desire, then the money you can not come in handy, but if you need a blunt crust, then yes - money will help. I'm for a duet of these benefits!

Answered 1 year ago.
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