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Should We Believe In Re-incarnation?

Can Somebody Die and still Come back to earth again?

In my opinon, I truly believe that there is Re-incarnation.

Re-incarnation is the coming back of ones' spirit after Transition(physical death).

In Re-incarnation,[/b]former male body can take up a female body on new life.

However, Nobody knows/knew how many times he had been on earth as

this is could be your last chance of Re-incarnating;Do not be carried away that you may come back to life again, Live your life as if this is your last 'life Chance' for Salvation

Humans re not gifted to know their past life( Live in the present) Just as you may not recall your activities when you re in tender age.

One Earthlife is/may not be enough to experience or mature in spirit to enter the paradise.

[b]Re-incarnation is mention and suported in the bible (eg)

1. Malachi 4;5 (but before  the great day and terrible day,I will send you Elijah)

   compare Mattew 11 vs14 ( Jesus Christ said  ''John is

   Elijah whose coming was predicted'' J

2. Jesus did not deny Re-incarnation Matt 16 vs 13-19 : mark 8 27-28 ( when  he asked who do you think I am, ''some said you re prophet that come back to life = [Re-incarnation) When peter said '' you re de messiah'' Christ still did not say there is no Re-incarnation like when he rejected Marriage in heaven Mark 12 vs 18-27

                  Argument point

1. It's appointed unto man to die once after whic comes Judgement

    ( the Death mentioned is not physical death but Spirtual death, Lazarus and others that was raised of physical death,Transition or sleeping as Christ called it)

2. ''John the baptist denied that he was Elijah '' JOHN 1 vs 19- 23

  ( he denied because he is not permitted to his past life; but Christ knew when he said John the baptist is Elijah is to come)

          Readers please read & react without prejudice and biasness!

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