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The One You Love or the One Who Loves You?

Love Tangle: You need a long term relationship which could probably lead to marriage but you are faced with two choices:

* You love girl/guy A so much but she/he doesn't have same feelings for you.

* Girl/guy B loves u dearly but u don't have the same feelings for him/her.

Which will u go all out for, the one you love or the one who loves u ?


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How Long Should Courtship Last?

Hi all, just want to hear your views on this!

"For how long  (duration) do you think you will have to court your intended partner before marriage?" Or maybe I should rephrase the question as "what is your ideal time length for your courtship/relationship before marriage?"

Some people have suggested a minmum of 3 months while some say minimum of 2 years. What do you think personally?

As for me, I'm particularly uncomfortable with long relationships. Anything more than 1 year seem to be getting too long for me.

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