Ancient Bible: Is Jesus Son of God or a Prophet?

The ancient bible was found in Ankara, Turkey. It says that Jesus Christ was not a son of God. He was a prophet. Does it mean that Christians were fooled? Should we trust this ancient bible?

Ancient Bible

The Ancient Bible that was found in Ankara, Turkey, claims that Jesus was not a son of God. He was just a prophet. Religious authorities and scientists in Turkey claim that the Bible is authentic, and its estimated age is around fifteen hundred years. This Bible also claims that there was no crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the person who was crucified was Judas Iscariot. Therefore, he was the one who called Apostle Paul the Impostor. The official name of a newly found Bible in Ankara is called the Gospel of Barnabas. The book was taken from an illegal excavation site along with other antique goods. The Bible is written in Aramaic language. The most exquisite feature of the book is that the pages are made of tied leather while everything written in golden letters. It proves that book was a highly precious one.

Council of Nicaea

There is a theory that the Bible which we can see now was created by the Council of Nicaea. There is also a theory that there were only four canonical gospels implemented into the modern bible. It may lead to a theory that other “unworthy” gospels were omitted. The authenticity of the Gospel of Barnabas is under question, and many scholars believe that it`s just a forgery, which was written during the middle ages. Nevertheless, Vatican asked officials of Ankara to provide the entry to the book.

Christian religion

If the authenticity of the book is true, it can play a tragically joke for the whole Christian religion. Although, it means that the priests of high hierarchy lied to the population of the world. It would require re-examining of the whole passage of Christian religion history. Nevertheless, some Muslim Imams have already announced that the book is a real testimony to prove that Jesus was a prophet. He was one of the prophets and that means that Koran was right about him and non-Muslim religion.

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