Are Catholics Christians?

Why some people do not believe Catholics to be Christians? Find out who they are and why.

The Christianity is one of the largest world religions. However, some people often don't understand what of directions belongs to this belief. For example, are Catholics Christians? Let's learn about origin and rules of this religion and answer this question.

Are Catholics Christians?

Who are Catholics and Protestants?

Catholics are the Christians belonging to church of the western ceremony, which was formed as a result of division of Universal Church into two branches.

Catholicism is the largest direction of Christianity.

Who are Catholics and Protestants?

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It has gained the greatest distribution in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary), in Latin America and the USA. In a varying degree, Catholicism is widespread almost in all countries of the globe. The word 'Catholics' comes from Latin — 'general, universal'. After disintegration of the Roman Empire, the Church remained the only centralized organization and force capable to suspend occurrence of chaos. It has caused a political eminence of church and its influence on formation of the states in Western Europe.

Catholics and Protestants?

Catholics beliefs have a number of features in dogma, culture and structure of religious organization in which features of development of Western Europe were reflected.

Protestants are the Christians belonging to religious Christian trends, which have broken away from Catholic Church as a result of the Reformation.

Owing to the developed historical circumstances in 1054 there was a division of Universal Church on Western and East. In the 16-17th centuries the part of believers, who have expressed their disagreement with some articles of belief and Father's innovations, has separated from Catholic Church. Such Christians began to be called Protestants.

Catholics beliefs

Catholics vs Protestants

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

Catholics vs Christians

  • In Catholicism there is an organizational unity of believers fastened with the authority of the Pope. Protestants have no unity, and there is no head of church. The unconditional and only authority for Protestants is Jesus Christ.
  • Catholics host a baptism at any age, the second – only in mature.
  • Protestants deny the Sacred Legend.
  • Catholics recognize a Mariolatry. The virgin for other direction is only a perfect woman. There is no cult of Saints also.
  • Catholics have seven sacraments of church, at Protestants have only two, and nothing in some currents.
  • Catholics have a concept about posthumous sufferings of soul. Protestants trust only in the Last Judgment.
  • Catholics take communion on a feast of unleavened bread. For Protestants the type of bread for a participle is unimportant.
  • Catholics confess in the presence of the priest, Protestants – without intermediary before God.
  • Protestants have no special form of church service.
  • Protestants don't recognize icons, a cross, and statues and don't esteem power of Saints as it is accepted at Catholics.
  • Only men can be Catholics priests. At Protestants women also occur among clergy.

Catholics vs Protestants

Catholics vs Christians

Catholics, Protestants Orthodox – they all are Christians because they have a uniform basis of their belief. This is a Bible. And on the basis of the Bible, all Christians believe in Jesus Christ who has suffered on the Cross for our sins. This is the most important in Christianity. And all Christians are uniform in it as the majority other main doctrines of this religion in general.

Christians differ generally in the ceremonies and traditions inherent in this or that culture.


One of main directions in christianity it is orthodoxy.Orthodoxy came to Eastern Europe In a 10 age.As well as christians pravoslavnye believe in Jesus Christ. They do not have unity with Dad Roman.Trust that virgin Mary was virgin. Christening can be accepted in any age.Basis of orthodox faith it is Bible. Christmas is celebrated on two weeks after catholics.Pravoslavnykh has many other saints.Believe in life post mortem of the t.e soul immortal.Center in an orthodox church it is Constantinople.Now it is Stambyl.

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