Are Demons real?

What do you think about the real presence of demons is the world? Is this true or just a fairy-tale to scare children? This question is a horrifying one for those who do not the real answer. So keep reading to understand.

lucifer demons real

Christians that live today are surrounded with all kinds of pseudo-spiritual practices that somewhat change the truth and make it not biblical. Believers tend to trust people more than the Bible; thus, when they have a question on a foundational issue like Satan and demons, they turn their TV on or Google for the answers instead of opening their Bibles and getting its perspective on the matter.

Moreover, certain pseudo-Christian leaders (like that of the Toronto blessing) use the ignorance of Christians and teach them something absolutely contradicting the Bible. That’s when Christians start believing in the walking dead spirits or other nonsense.

It is getting even more difficult to cope with the confusion around topics that need a deeper biblical insight, as many movements like New Age, skeptical atheists or occultists present their ideas like those that do not reject God but rather give Him a different look.

demons are real

In addition to this, church-goers confused with the variety of answers to these questions start believing in tales about a dead relative living in someone’s body or “poltergeists”. It is even worse when they are persuaded that their dead relatives still come to them to comfort them, as this point breaks the idea of what a ghost is.

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Ghost, as people call it now, is a follower of Satan. They are also called wicked angels in the Scriptures. They were created to be angels that worship God; however, they chose to disobey Him and follow Lucifer. From that time on, their only aim is to harm people and make them suffer. They use all kinds of techniques at their possession to at least distract people from God and His plans for their lives. And they are pretty successful in this considering the number of believers that have a mess in their understanding of Satan, demons, their function and abilities.

demons real

How did It all started? At first, Lucifer was one of the major angels God created. He was extremely beautiful and strong, just like everything God creates. He was sent from the heaven and bound to the earth after he sinned. Now he is a chief wicked angel whose only goal is to “devour”.

What do these angels do now? They live in spirit having no body and seek people whom they can harm. They aim to turn you from God by making you fear. They can create conflicts between churchgoers in order to have this church fall apart. They can make believe that psychology or science is better than Bible, as the speakers are more persuasive than their pastor or a priest. That is how evolution started. Demons or the evil spirits do evil things through people.

As the story from the Bible shows, demons can talk. When Jesus met a man who had an evil spirit in him, He asked the spirit what his name was. And it answered “Legion” (Mark 5:1-13) This leads scientists to a conclusion that sometimes demons can talk through other people, as they have no bodies themselves.

Christ vs demon

Even though demons are powerful, for we know that God created angels to be stronger than people, we should not be afraid of them (by “us” the author means believers). The demons still live under God’s absolute sovereignty. They can do no harm unless God lets them. And He will not let that happen to His children, for “He is a good Shepherd” who gave His own life for His sheep.

The powers demons could have over people were broken on the cross by the death of Jesus Christ. He is their Judge and has total control over them. He sometimes lifts up His hand to let them do evil; however, without it they are no able to harm. The Bible says that this is an example of why Christians are being persecuted or harmed by followers of other religions.

Christ against demons

People should be careful and fully acknowledge the functions demons have. However, being constantly worried about it is against what Bible teaches us: “6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:6-7)

Another advice on how to keep away from dangerous area is by keeping your mind spiritually healthy. If you fill your mind with literature, movies or anything else with occult themes, it will result in constant fear and discomfort. Do not play games with potential spiritual hazards like tarot cards, using medium of fortune-tellers services as well as any other kinds of black magic.

On the contrary, fill your mind with the biblical truth about God, His power and love. That is the recipe for healthy understanding of the presence of demons in lives of people today.

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