Are Illuminati members religious?

Illuminati members - what wide-spread religion do they have nowadays? What rituals do they use? Top Illuminati secrets you wanted to know are gathered here right now!

Illuminati members

Illuminati members are wide-spread all over the world. But do they have any religion? Is that true that they are Satanists? Let’s find out.

On May 1, 1776 Adam Weishaupt officially established organization named ‘Illuminati’. The aim of ‘Illuminati’ is the separation of the goyim by political, economic, social and religious resources for the warring parties to ensure that they: fight among themselves, destroying national governments, religious institutions and ultimately destroy each other.

It is alleged that Weishaupt got into continental Masonic Order with this Illuminati doctrine and created a lodge ‘Grand Orient’, which was their secret headquarter. All this was done thanks to orders and money of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Satanism and Illuminati history

illuminati membership

This concept began to spread in the Masonic lodges around the world and is used up to our days. Thus, it appears that the Rothschilds are the main Satanists of planet heads for the last hundred years.

Compare the symbols of Satanism, and symbols of illuminati known in other countries. Comparing you c can observe concurrence of general and specific symptoms that suggests a single ideological source of Satanism and illuminati. ‘Masons’ or ‘illuminati’ sounds quite clearly today, and sounded in the early 20th century.

illuminati words

Despite the fact that Satanism has long been known as philosophy and religion based on it, it is considered that it was formulated in the United States in the 1960s by A.Sh.LaVeem, who gathered around him a wide variety of people and dedicated his life to the study of creativity and human features behavior.

Its origins lie in the 1950's, when LaVey founded the community, which he called the Order of the trapezoid, which brought together people who have studied and practiced the occult set of magic (as psychodrama), selfish and hedonistic philosophy of LaVey.

stanist presidents

In fact, the world knows leaders of Satanism and all their plans very well - world government and the genocide of the population - a very interesting bloody history.

‘Church of Satan’ was founded in 1966 in San Francisco by A.Sh.LaVeem from Chikago. His parents were Michael and Gertrude Levy. Levi is well-known family name in the mystical environment. Alphonse Louis Constant, a literary pseudonym of Eliphas Levi (02.08.1810 - 31.05.1875), who was an occultist and Mason.

secret message

The scandal caused by the following phrase: ‘Satanism to the XVIII century was created as a secret Jewish sect, however, then separated from Judaism, became one of the most influential streams of Masonry. It became the core of satanic sects’ rituals, as well as prior to their secret fanatical Jewish sect with the bloody rites’.

In his documentary ‘Satanism and the FBI’, Ted Gunderson shows the connection between the satanic ritual crimes, drug trafficking, international children trafficking and the FBI. Ted Gunderson is ex-head of Los Angeles FBI, California. In addition, his assistant Linda Weegan shared his personal experiences about Satanism. This film is often connected with Illuminati way of life.

25 principles of the Illuminati

magical forest

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Globalization and the enslavement of mankind tasks were clearly formulated in the late years of XVIII century. Illuminati membership was strict.

25 principles of the Illuminati (1776) are step by step instructions on how to organize a conspiracy within the Order, and the description of their long-term plans since the founding. The author of the list is Adam Weishaupt. It was created in 1776, shortly after Rothschild began financing the Order of the Illuminati (cited by source):

treasures of nation

1. (Use the fact that) in general, people are much more inclined to evil than to do good.

2. It is important to preach liberalism.

3. Use the popular idea of freedom to provoke war between classes.

4. As the goals of the Illuminati are justified, to achieve them you can use absolutely all means.

bloody couple

5. The right to lie is legitimate.

6. Our resources and power must stay invisible until the very moment when they reach such power that no force or wiles can undermine them.

7. Distract the attention of the crowd on the basis of its psychology for the purpose of managing the masses.

8. Use drugs, alcohol, corruption and other different social evils for the systematic expansion of youth.

9. All ways of capturing property are possible.

jim carey

10. Using the slogan ‘equality, fraternity, liberty’, put them into the mouth of the masses to create a psychological warfare.

11. Supervise the progress of war, so that the peoples of both warring parties much more mired in debt, and pursue peace conferences making neither of the warring parties has received any territorial rights.

12. The members of the Order of the Illuminati should use their wealth to allow such candidates to get to the authorities. They must be obedient to their demands; all of them must be used as pawns in our game behind the scenes. Their counselors should be educated and trained world ruling since childhood.

13. Control all the press (media).

14. After the creation of any traumatic situations (our) agents should appear and submit to the saviors of the people.

illuminati symbol

15. Create different industrial crises and also financial panics, unemployment, hunger, lack of food and use all of these to control the people or the crowd in order to eliminate all those who are on our way.

16. Get into the secret Masonic organizations to use them for the purposes of the Illuminati.

17. Clearly explain the importance of systematic deception to use high-sounding phrases and slogans , as well as to give generous promises to the people, despite the fact that they are not feasible.

18. Illuminati members must develop detailed plans to resolve the problems to lead a discussion of the strict rules of street fighting that are necessary for the extremely rapid submission of the population.

19. After the end of war use (our) agents in as backroom advisers and use secret diplomacy to establish control (for all the warring parties).

satanist ritual

20. Create a huge monopoly, striving for control over world authorities.

21. Use unfair competition and high taxes for the destruction of the whole economy through the seizure of raw materials. Do not forget to organize discontent among all workers and subsidize all their competitors.

22. You must develop combat assets and generate force (soldiers and police) to protect all our interests and needs, when it’s necessary.

23. Bosses and members of one general world government must be appointed by heads.

24. Get into different classes and also levels of society and country governments in order to fool, destruct and corrupt the young part of society by teaching all of them principles and theories, which, as we all know, are false.

25. Also international and national law should be used for the destruction of civilization, the enslavement and people management.

satan sculpture

As you see, these principles are very evil, sarcastic and unfair. Could religious people perform such tasks? Of course not!


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