Are You Commanding Your Mornings?

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Are you commanding your mornings? Today at 1:33pm

As a young boy growing up on the island, I would be awaken every morning by my grand mother’s early morning prayers. Having little to no knowledge as to why she was doing what she did, it somehow placed a fear in me, due to her crying and the intensity of her prayer. The question that stood out in my mind was why would she and so many like her place such a command on their morning through prayer?

Coupled with this real life experience, I’ve discovered through the study of the bible that the bible is saturated with men and women of God not only addressing God early in the morning, but God performing great works during the early morning periods. Again, what is so significant about the early mornings spiritually?

A few Biblical accounts of early morning activity would be when the angels hastened Lot and his family early in the morning to leave Sodom. Also In this same biblical account it states that Abraham stood before the lord early in the morning (Gen. 19:15, 27). The bible also states that Jesus went to the temple and taught the people early in the morning and that Martha and Mary visited his tomb early in the morning. At this point I was arrested by the thought that there must be some biblical proof that correlates between praying and the early mornings.

Now, the bible states that there is death and life in the power of our tongue, and that we ought to call those things that do not exist now as though they do exist now. In essence, God has given us power via our mouths to command things into existence through prayer and confessions. I now began to partially see why my grandmother was praying with such passion (almost as if she was in a battle) and why she prayed for folks, individually and corporately. However, God through his wisdom pointed out to me in his word the necessity of these prayers and confessions being addressed early in the morning. I must say it was indeed a profound revelation that I’m sure you’ll agree with.

In the book of Job (38:12-13,15), God in this text in speaking to his servant Job said, “Have you commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know “HIS” place; that “IT” might take hold of the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it? God is basically asking Job whether or not he had taken authority or command of his mornings. What is so interesting here is not only the fact that God asked about the commanding of the morning by Job, but he further asked Job if he had caused the dayspring to know his place.

His place! Of course I’m now compelled to wonder if the morning and dayspring are personified as forces working against my day, beginning early in the morning. If this is the case, then I am responsible for putting these forces in their place by commanding what I desire of my mornings via the power of my tongue (Prov. 18:21). However the question still lingers, who is this person that is working in opposition or as an opponent to me during the early morning periods?

Now, before we unveil who this person is, let us look at the consequences of not commanding our mornings and causing the dayspring not to be put in his place. Remember what God originally asked Job? He said, “Have you commanded the morning since thy days or since you were alive? The result of commanding his morning is found in verses 13&15. By commanding the morning and causing the dayspring to be put in its place, this will shake the wicked out of the earth or disrupt his plots, plans, ploys and schemes against you. Additional in verse 15 it states that the light of the wicked will be withheld. The word light in this verse got its origin from the Hebrew word “Or” which is literally defined as morning or day break.

So in essence, God is saying that when we command our mornings and cause the dayspring to be put in its place (which has been personified as the male gender) simultaneously we restrain or restrict his morning… wow! To not do this principle we open our lives to curses. A curse is to be spiritually bound, not able to succeed, prune for failure, disempowered, open to the powers of witchcraft, spell, incantations etc. but this can only happen if we disobey God by not commanding our morning. Deuteronomy 28: 45-46, makes this abundantly clear, and it reads, “Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and pursue thee, and overtake thee, until thou be destroyed; because thou did not listen unto the voice of the lord thy God, to keep his commandments and his statues which he commanded thee. They shall be upon thee for a sign and a wonder and upon thy seed for ever. Not only will I be affected by not commanding my morning but my seed or children also…… wow!!

Now let’s see who our early morning opponent is and what gives him the right to oppose us for the morning. Again, you will recall that God asked Job if he commanded the morning and caused the dayspring to be put in his place. Isaiah 14: 12, makes the identity of our opponent abundantly clear; it reads, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, SON OF THE MORNING!

Wow! What a revelation, Lucifer whom we know to be the present day Satan is in fact the son of the morning, so when God asked Job if he had put him in his place, he was referring to Satan.

As a result of this revelation it is not only clear but important why the bible places emphasis on us not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. Satan being the head over this evil kingdom, allot his evil ambitions through his evil spirits to wage war on us in the early morning because he is in fact the son of the morning.

The words of wisdom for today is begin commanding your morning very early in the morning, decreeing that you are above only and not beneath, the head and not the tail. Blessed going out and blessed coming in, highly favored of the lord, with a host of Angels that has been given charge over you to keep you in all your ways and that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Conclude by binding all of Satan’s and his host plans that has been assigned against you and all that concerns you and that he and his host are under your feet in Jesus name.

Written by: Kevin L A Ewing


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Please don't mislead people. That passage in job talks about the wonders of what GOD does and not asking job to command anything. And there is a book commander of the morning by MFM. It is not right beware people.


Unfortunately, Pastor_AIO's humor is lost on his audience here. I think the idea is that just as OP turned facts (obvious to Pastor but not to OP) on their head, Pastor decided to throw into the mix, another "crazy" concept having about as much veracity. As stated, God was asking if Job knew enough to or could command times, seasons, etc. He was definitely not requiring him to command creation.

Pastor simply said  - If you decide to command what is not yours to command, please continue by doing the IFA thing. But maybe I'm wrong!


A study on the web will show that "ttalks" is right about this issue. Strongs' is based on the KJV so it carries the error. Take a look at http://www.crivoice.org/lucifer.html or whist a "funny" site, http://www.lds-mormon.com/lucifer.shtml. Knowing that "And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light." (2 Cor 11:14), you'll find it quite easy to understand the transition as our "Essence of Satan" discusses; of satan wishing that he substitutes roles with Christ in the sublimnal thoughts of men if not openly.

EDITED: This issue like many others shows the extent corruption we have in Christianity. Things are turned on their heads. You come across many screaming "God must give them 20 Million daily and heal all sicknesses in real time" since God has requested us to command Him concerning His children (Isa 45:11 - another mistranslation in the KJV). And so with this particular issue, we would revile the Morning Star since we have him as "satan" rather than as Christ Himself.

What worries me most is the deluded sincerity of many "christians" who come swinging sword and spear, striking out at people simply because their errors are being questioned and truth being shown in its place. Kevin Ewing almost definitely wrote the OP post in good faith yet is misinformed and is spreading errors.


^^ besides, if you use a hebrew dictionary to look up the word Lucifer, you will not find hêylêl - הילל among the various

words given for it.

Rather you'd find:





כוכב נוגה



It is only in the Catholic Latin Vulgate created by Jerome that you'd find the word hêylêl being translated as Lucifer. and the latin vulgate

was what was used to create the kjv and a lot of current bible versions/translations that abound today.

The latin vulgate was the source of this error that abounds today.


I guess you are using Strong's concordance to present the above?

From e-sword right?

But Strong's presentation of Hebrew is according to kjv; isn't it?

have you tried getting another hebrew bible to check these things out?

Look at how Strong presented howl in Zechariah 11:2 below -


which is  yâlal and means what you explained it to mean above.

But look at how another hebrew bible presented howl in Zechariah 11:2 below -


which is hêylêl which is a form of yâlal and does not mean what Strong said it means.

Compare the full verse in hebrew from strong and another hebrew presentation below:


Zechariah 11:2

ילל בּרושׁ כּי ארז נפל אשׁר אדּיר שׁדד ילל אלּון בּשׁן כּי יער בּצור ירד

Hebrew Old Testament

Zechariah 11:2

הילל ברושׁ כי־נפל ארז אשׁר אדרים שׁדדו הילילו אלוני בשׁן כי ירד יער הבצור׃

Remember,read from right to left. See how differently the two presented howl at the beginning of the verse?

Strong used  yâlal  but the hebrew old testament used  hêylêl.

How do you think it would look or sound if we placed Lucifer in Zechariah 11:2 ?

Check other verses where howl appeared with a hebrew bible(not strong's) and you'll see the word hêylêl or words using it as a root to present howl.


Jeremiah 51:8

פתאם נפלה בבל ותשׁבר הילילו עליה קחו צרי למכאובה אולי תרפא׃

or Joel 1:11

הבישׁו אכרים הילילו כרמים על־חטה ועל־שׂערה כי אבד קציר שׂדה׃

They used a form of hêylêl to represent howl.

Remember,  hêylêl is presented as הילל

Compare it with the other forms of howl in the above verses; הילילו

just like the second howl in Zechariah 11:2.


At OP:

My response has been perfectly summed up thus:

The Morning Star:

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. (Revelation of John 22:16, KJV)

But I have some reservation concerning. . .

The word "Lucifer" means lightbearer and is in keeping with the meaning of Isaiah 14:12 where the word translated "Lucifer" is: H1966  heylel  hay-lale' from 1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning-star:--lucifer. see HEBREW for H1984 (H1966, StrongsHebrew); however in Zechariah 11:2, the word translated "howl" is  H3213  yalal  yaw-lal' a primitive root; to howl (with a wailing tone) or yell (with a boisterous one):--(make to) howl, be howling. (H3213, StrongsHebrew).

Similar words but different in meaning.







You can't command anything.

You can simply and only pray to God and hope for a good day and trust that his will for that day would favor you.


The main message in the original post is to command one's morning. It is of benefit to anybody who does just that that.


The word 'Lucifer' found in the king James version is an addition or stranger or foreigner to the word of God.

It was never there in the original manuscripts.

It got in there due to wrong activities during translations into the latin vulgate; which was used to create the KJV.

Isaiah 14:12(Hebrew Old testament)

איך נפלת משׁמים הילל בן־שׁחר נגדעת לארץ חולשׁ על־גוים׃

Zechariah 11:2(Hebrew Old testament)

הילל ברושׁ כי־נפל ארז אשׁר אדרים שׁדדו הילילו אלוני בשׁן כי ירד יער הבצור׃

N/B: Read hebrew from right to left.

Note the word in Isaiah 14:12 which; according to kjv represents Lucifer,  הילל

It is the same word in Zechariah 11:2 which stands for "howl", which is a verb.

How that word became Lucifer(which is a latin word by the way) and a noun, is really surprising.

The correct translation of Isaiah 14:12 is below:


"How you have fallen from the heavens! Howl, son of the dawn! You are hacked down to the earth, defeater of all nations"

which works perfectly with how the word was used in Zechariah 11:2 -

"Howl, fir tree; for the cedar is fallen; because the mighty are spoiled: howl, O ye oaks of Bashan; for the forest of the vintage is come down."

So, Lucifer is a stranger to the bible. It has never been the name of Satan.

The proper meaning of the term "Lucifer" is in reference to Christ as pointed out by Pastor AIO.


The guy chanting is not a pastor but rather an ifa priest. It is an odu ifa, from the odu of Oyeku meji.


Is this ofo, ogede or odu ifa? Being chanted by a Pastor?


If it is slavery that you are worried about you better reject the nonsense that is written in the OP. I wonder if it has anything to do with 'Command Your Mornings', a new book published by mountain of fire ministries. I have it somewhere on my desk but I haven't read it yet.

Me personally, I so glad for the Morning star that has dawned in my heart. Don't allow people who preach from their misunderstanding of mistranslations of mistranslations of the bible to lead you astray. The morning star is your guide to truth and perfect worship of God. Call him Lucifer if you want. I call him christ. I think my point is better made by the following article.

Please don't be a slave to stupidity or inanity. In Job all God was doing was asking Job if he knew how he created and structured the world, setting the morning in it's place.

And it is okay to pray at any time. I would even suggest praying before going to bed at night about the following day as a better option. But my reasons would take too long to explain.




Opele lo yo tan lo dakun dele

divining chain is satiated and graciously collapses on the floor

a difa fun perengede ti se yeye ojumomo

Divined for Perengede the mother of the Dawn

ojumo to mo mi loni o

The dawn that is dawning on my today

Ojumomo ire gbogbo ni o je.

it is a dawn of all good fortunes.


I knelt to pray but not for long

I had too much to do

Must hurry off and get to work

For bills would soon be due

And as I said a hurried prayer

Jumped up from off my knee

My spiritual duty now was done

My soul could be at ease

All through the day, I had NO TIME

To speak a word of cheer

NO TIME to speak of the Lord to a friend

They'd laugh at me I feared

NO TIME-NO TIME too much to do

That was my constant cry

NO TIME to give those in need

At last it was time to die

And when before the Lord I came

I stood with downcast eyes

Within His hand He held a book

It was the BOOK OF LIFE

He looked in the BOOK and said

Your name I cannot find

I once was going to write it down

But never found the TIME

Today is the day/time of decision and purpose



^that would most likely leave you a slave to your morning.

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