Can Islam coexist with other religions?

Can Islam in North Africa coexist with other religions in this country? What are the basic rules for Islamic religion? Read the information below to learn more facts about it.

Co-existing of Christianity and Islam in Africa

Co-existing of Christianity and Islam in Africa

Can Islam coexist with other religions? Peaceful co-existence of followers of various religions is one of the appeals of Islam to mankind. In words of Holy Koran, it appears in the most different forms. It is possible to tell that the Koran is the first in this area as in the last centuries preceding its sending, peaceful co-existence of followers of different religions wasn't considered seriously. In Koran, there are no appeals to hostility and hatred because of a belief though some people persistently try to prove other. They try to show Islam from a negative side, hanging various labels on his follower's, such as ‘Islamists’, ‘extremists’, and ‘terrorists’. Owning mass media, they skillfully manipulate public consciousness. Therefore, Islam in North Africa and Muslims are perceived in the world in negative light. In the Koran, there are no appeals to religious wars, which, unfortunately, took place in the history of other religions. Islam doesn't permit to the followers to show inappropriate hostility and hatred to followers of other religious schools. Islam forbids insults and drawing offenses to the people who aren't sharing the belief of Muslims, considering that similar insults have nothing in common with original belief. The Islamic religion blames believers who offend and humiliate each other, groundlessly accuse of disbelief and of various sins. From the point of view of the Koran, the similar relations don't involve anything, except hatred, hostility, deep disagreements and bloody collisions. Followers of different religions need to learn to live in peace because only this way the mankind will be able to live and develop normally, only this way people will be able to reach serenity and rest. In order that people could reach it, the Holy Koran offers a number of recommendations and provisions, observance of which will undoubtedly facilitate life to mankind. These are the most important of rules for Islam and Africa:

Islam in North Africa

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1. Freedom of worship,

2. Attention to the general religious norms,

3. Rejection of racism and nationalism,

4. Open dialogues,

5. The aspiration to reconciliation,

6. Respect for the rights of religious minorities,

7. Recognition of the heavenly writing and prophets,

8. Universal peace,

9. Fight against manifestations of religious chauvinism,

10. Mutual aid.

  • Freedom of worship. Holy Koran does an accent on freedom of worship. The belief of the person and his belief don't depend on coercion and violence. The belief takes the place in the heart and it is impossible to force the heart to accept other dogma.
  • Attention to the general religious norms. From the beginning of the origin of one of the programs for mankind, Islam called peaceful co-existence of followers of various religions. The Islamic religion waits for the kind and fair attitude towards gentiles from the followers, and in turn, expects the same because only this way it is possible to achieve quiet and serene life on the Earth.

Islam and Africa

  • Islam and slavery in Africa: Rejection of racism and nationalism. The Holy Koran condemns any manifestations of racism and any nationalist ideas causing insults to representatives of other nations. Distinctions of people in color skin, language, and the residence shouldn't become the basis for an eminence of one group of people over another at all.
  • Open dialogues. The Islamic religion calls the followers for dialogues and interaction with adherents of other religions – to the dialogues based on mutual respect, desire for peace and harmony. One of the grounds of constructive dialogue is the manifestation of respect for the opponent and lack of attempts to humiliate and offend.
  • The aspiration to reconciliation. If the enemy decides to stop conducting military operations and offers a truth, Muslims should accept the offer. Of course, it is necessary to do it in the case when the offer is sincere and there is a firm decision from their side, and do not do cunning things and deception.
  • Respect for the rights of religious minorities. Any of the existing religions doesn't grant to religious and ethnic minorities so many rights and freedoms like Islam. Islam in the territory of the sharia state guarantees justice and respect for all rights, not only to Muslims but also to followers of other religions in spite of the fact that they don't divide belief of Muslims.
  • Recognition of the heavenly writing and prophets. The belief and general purposes of all heavenly writing ever sent by Allah to mankind is the cornerstone of Islamic dogma. All heavenly books with which God's prophets bore the good news to people sought to improve society and to bring up a spiritually rich person. A basis of all writing is one though they also differ from each other in minor and practical provisions. A similar difference is caused by historical conditions and other realities, which the mankind faced in a process of the development. Each religion and heavenly writing bore to people something new, lifting them on a new step of spiritual and material growth.
  • Universal peace. The Islamic religion always strives for peace and doesn’t wish war. Islam calls mankind for the universal peace and harmony so that all people on Earth left the disagreements leading to bloodshed and suffering.



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