Can Muslims have sex during Ramadan?

What Muslims haven’t to do during Ramadan? When sex is allowed? Read the article to learn the rules.

Can Muslims have sex during Ramadan

One of the most widespread Ramadan facts, which arouse a lot of disputes, is that Muslims can’t have sex during Ramadan. Let’s deal with this question.

Ramadan rules

In Ramadan, in hours of post (from a morning dawn and to sunset) to have intimacy with wife categorically isn't allowed. Since the moment of sunset and until the beginning of a morning prayer spouses can have intimate contact without any restrictions. If intimacy took place in hours of observance of Ramadan fasting that is mean that post is broken.

Ramadan rules

The person who made sex is obliged to expiate a sin with two-month continuous post. If because of physical feebleness he isn't able to fast two months, he has to feed sixty poor people, having allocated for everyone that sum, which is spent for daily livelihood of the adult member of the family.

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Ramadan fasting

There is also a question: on whom this form of atonement of sin is assigned – on husband or wife? All theologians speak about the husband and many — about the wife. But a lot of people are inclined to consider that this form of atonement doesn't concern the wife. She will need to restore only one day of broken post. Atonement of sin isn't provided in case when spouses have made sex on forgetfulness or ignorance. If such deliberate violation of post was repeatedly, then broken sanctity of each day spouses has to expiate with two-month continuous post.


Good day to all readers and subscribers of Satu! Periodically read a variety of articles and issues are published! Very interesting question this topic !!! Each religion has its own rules and restrictions, as Muslims have restrictions on sex in Ramadan and Christians have such a restriction during Lent! So there is nothing surprising in these rules and customs! It is interesting to know in your publication with such a religion as Islam!You should always discover something new and interesting !!!

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