Carpenter was beaten by unknown youngsters for eating during Ramadan 

The group of uknown people stabbed the innocent carpenter! Read this article to find out more.


The level of violence nowadays is extremely high. For example, there was a horrible crime committed by the unknown group of people.

What happened was that the youngsters attacked the carpenter named Francis Emmanuel and stabbed him. The reason is described as him not being dedicated to Islam religion.

He ate during Ramadan, which is strictly forbidden by Koran.

The government representative went to the hospital to visit the carpenter and check how he was doing. He explained that the police are already looking for those who did it to him. He also promised that they would be caught and punished.

The attack happened on Tuesday afternoon during lunch. The carpenter is still shocked by this incident. He says that he was just peacefully eating when a group of people came in and started blaming him for breaking the rules of Ramadan.

He said that it happened when he was on the break from his work.


He was having his lunch and then it happened. There were about 5 people that came in and started asking the questions about his religion. However, he didn’t want to say if he was a Muslim or not.

But after that they started asking why he was breaking the rules of Ramadan. It’s not allowed to eat in the afternoon. Later it turned out that he was not Muslim.

But the guys didn’t believe him and attacked him. All of them took out their knives and started stubbing him everywhere.

Emmanuel says that he has no idea who those people were, he has never met before.

For a while there was no one to help him as others were afraid of those guys. And after a few minutes he fainted and he didn’t remember anything else. He simply woke up at the hospital and he is not even sure how he got there.

He got lucky to survive.

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Ramadan, however, is a very serious month for Islam followers.

It is done by all the Muslims every year. It is usually the ninth month of their calendar. They are supposed to pray all day long and they also have to refuse from water and food during the day. They have to have their time with God.

Reasons for fasting


Rejecting food is supposed to get them closer to God and to remind yourself about the sufferings of the other people. It is also usual if people share the things with the poor. They would give them clothes or food.

It also challenges your willpower and helps you become mentally stronger. It is also a break from their daily life and habits.

You have to pray all the time and to dedicate yourself to the communication with God. Muslims have to forget about the colourful clothes and go to the mosques more often than during their usual life.

Ramadan is one of the most important events in Islam. It proves the people’s faith and helps them to become stronger and to build a better connection with their only God.

The ways of fasting for Muslims

They have to forget about water and food during the day for the whole ninth month of their calendar. They are also not allowed to smoke. Even if they drink or smoke just once, they will be considered to have broken the rules of Ramadan.

In addition to this, the Islam followers are also not supposed to have sex or to curse. They should only act in a good way – helping others and saying the words of love.

There are also five prayers that they have to do every day. They also have to read Koran and to think of their God all the time, not only during the prayers. Ramadan is a very special time for Muslims.

There is a special kind of food that they eat to keep them moving during the day. Obviously, it is really hard to stay active all day long when you have constant hunger.


How does the fasting go

The followers of Islam do the same thing as their Prophet Muhammad did. They have a sip of water by the time when the sun goes down. It is the very important moment of the day for everyone who is following Ramadan.

After that they pray and have some kind of event with their friends and family. They drink and talk with each other. It is called iftar. It is very well-known among all the Arabic countries and all the Muslims.

There are apricots juices and some other kinds of drinks which are very popular there.

The Muslim mosques and the Islam followers themselves are trying to help those who don’t have money. That’s why they organize free food for everyone to eat. They do it every night.

Should everyone do it or are there any exceptions?


Normally all Muslims do it. However, there are exceptions. For example, little kids, old people, sick people. Women are excused only if they are preparing to give a birth or if they are on their period.

Also some sportsmen can be excused from Ramadan as they need to have energy for the physical trainings.  

Those Islam followers living far from their native Arabic countries are also expected to follow Ramadan. However, they don’t normally tend to make others do it or judge others for not doing it.

They are usually accustomed to the way of life of the countries they immigrated to. But unfortunately, cases of severe violence still occur nowadays.

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