Christian marriage: how to treat your wife according to the Bible?

Your Christian marriage can be happy, if you, husbands, do these 5 things written in the Bible!

be tender

Recently one of the “big” Nigerian pastors shocked people by his statement that husband and his wife are not partners. He should be her master instead. Is that what the Bible really teaches us about the Christian marriage? Let’s find out now. Get the Scriptures!

What Bible teaches on how the husband should treat his wife in Christian marriage?

When we get married, we hope to be happy. Both men and women crave to be loved, respected and have their needs met. God knows our needs the best and He created us so, that we would cater to the needs of each other. Men, if you were to do these things to your wives, you make them happy and become happy and blessed in your marriages.

5 Biblical things for men to do in marriage:

1. Be tender

To some men tenderness is the art hard to master. However, God knows what a woman needs and that’s gentle attitude, tender words and kindness.
“Do not be harsh with your wife.” Colossians 3:19
As you see from this Scripture, it’s not optional. It’s a commandment given by the Lord to husbands.

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2. Be respectful

Yes, wives are to submit to their husbands, but it does not mean you should have no respect for the one entrusted to you by the Lord!
 “Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect…” 1 Peter 3:7”
Women carry in themselves God’s image, just like the men do! If you respect your Creator, you are to respect His image in your wife.

3. Appreciation

Your wife is a blessing from the Lord. Treat her accordingly. Many wives complain that they never hear words of appreciation from their men. If you wish your wife to never cheat on you, tell her about your love. Tell her what she means to you, or some other men can do it and win her heart over!
“Call your wife ‘blessed’ and praise her.” Proverbs 31: 28-29

4. Honor

If you do not honor your wife, you dishonor yourself. Why is that? Because she is one flash with you. You and she are one! As much as you honor her, you honor yourself and reap what you sow.  
“Honor your marriage; keep it pure by remaining true to your wife in every way.” Hebrews 13:4

5. Faithfulness

Jesus said that even thinking of another woman or looking at another woman with last is sin. It’s cheating! Beauty is in the eyes of love! If you love her, you will see her beauty even after she delivers several babies and her body changes!
“Do not be captivated by other women” Proverbs 5:20

These 5 things are what the Lord teaches in the Bible for husbands to do and to be. That is the key to a happy Christian marriage.

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