Dead Sea Scroll: what it showed when being read with the laser?

The opened ancient Dead Sea Scroll shows the amazing truth! Learn what it is now.

dead sea scroll

Most people heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, but they do not know that not all of these were opened up and read. One was burnt about 300 years after its creation. Scientists have scanned it and discovered this!

What the Dead Sea Scroll showed?

This scroll was supposedly written around 300 AD, but since the time of its discovery no one could open it. The holy writing was crushed hard and turned into a charcoal. However, later technologies made it possible to read it without opening up. Here is what the witnesses say:

 “We were immediately struck by the fact that in these passages, the En-Gedi Leviticus scroll is identical in all of its details both regarding its letter and section division to what we call the Masoretic text, the authoritative Jewish text until today.”

dead sea scroll opened

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It turns out that after 2000 years not even a symbol in the Holy Bible writing was changed! The Word of God never changes or fails. It is true today as it was true back then. We can trust Him to fulfill everything He promised and give our lives over to Him.

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