Did Jesus Christ give command to teach children about him?

Why did Jesus command us to teach kids about Him and the Father? Learn the reasons now.

Over 50 percent of Nigerians attend churches and proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They go to churches to worship and learn the Word of God. But did you know Jesus and God the Father command to teach kids about them?

jesus christ and kids

Why we should teach our kids about Jesus Christ?

In the Gospel of Matthew 11:25 Jesus gives us an amazing revelation from the Father. He says that God Himself has hidden His being and personality from the wise and revealed Himself to the LITTLE CHILDREN. Christ opens up to us the heart of God. Deep down the Lord longs to be known by kids of all ages and the smallest once most of all. This knowledge would empower your kids in life.

kids and Jesus

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When is it time to teach kids to pray?

The Bible does not give us an exact timeline for such things, but in the book of Psalms and in Matthew 21:16it says: “From the lips of children and infants  you, Lord, have called forth your praise.” This clearly indicates that even the smallest kids can and should know how to praise the Lord.

kids praising the lord

And it is our responsibility as adults, parents and ministers to teach them about Jesus Christ. We can use many creative ways to tell them about God, His love and forgiveness and His plan for their lives. Even 3 year old kids can know and tell others about Jesus, if they have been taught to do it properly and on their level.

If you have not been giving enough time and effort in your family or in your church to teaching kids about Jesus, stop and fix this problem now. If they meet Him while being young, they would be able to carry on the good news and avoid having many trouble  with sin in their lives.  

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