Do illuminati worship the devil?

What are secret signs of illuminati, which prove that they are attendants of devil? Why freemasonry is often called as satanic service? Read the article to learn this mystic information.

Many people want to comprehend freemasonry riddles. Some of them are convinced that Illuminati means Satanism. So, does illuminati mean you worship the devil?

Do illuminati worship the devil

Does the illuminati worship the devil?

At the first steps of freemasonry participant doesn't do anything supernatural, and to mason-beginner all stories about Masonic crimes and Masonic Satanism seem just fairy tales. Illuminates of low status don't guess full structure of Illuminati pyramid. However, they unconsciously work for Satanism.

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does illuminati mean you worship the devil

Mystical rituals of masons depend on level of dedication and on features of communities. At the highest levels of Illuminati, human sacrifices and use of human blood are used. Usually masons furiously deny existence of procedure of blood drinking in their rituals. However, blood drink exists in freemasonry, of what German Illuminate on pages of Masonic magazine Bauxite testifies. Blood of the beginner following from a cut on a thumb, drip in a bowl with wine, from which all attendees drink after that. The rest of it remains in special glass before following dedication, and thus blood of all former masons mixes up. These cannibal procedures are Satanism. Some elements of Masonic ritual have turned into mass secular ritual. For example, at dedication mason enter with a loop on his neck as a symbol of his death if he dares to reveal Masonic secrets. Today's men's tie is the same Masonic symbol, as well as a loop on a neck.

Does the illuminati worship the devil

One more symbol, which answers on question does illuminati worship the devil is that favorite symbols of freemasonry is the skull and bones as a death symbol. It can be met in our common life too.

Illuminati have a set of symbols, but there are two main of them. The general symbol of world of Illuminati is a pentagonal star (pentagram). And a big State Seal of the world freemasonry is a hexagonal star with figures 6 in each beam of this star. This set of numbers symbolizes an animal 666 twice. In process of advance up a pyramid, knowledge which is given to Illuminates at a new level, is often opposite to those, which were given below. And this devilish game never comes to an end.

does illuminati worship the devil

Do illuminati members worship the devil and don’t know this?

Masons are always in condition of false knowledge. Not for nothing, people say that their highest master Lucifer-Satan is a liar and father of lie. For high levels of freemasonry all subordinate masons are just a crowd, but for highest, they are the same simple people. Satan governs them by means of lie, deception and violence, even in relation to his wards. The sad truth, but 90% of masons have no idea of plans of their bosses. Then all would know what the sense of this pyramid consisted in.

So, if you interested about the question do the illuminati worship the devil, the answer will probably yes.

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