Does Bible say homosexuality is a sin?

In what parts of Bible is it said that homosexuality is a sin? Why does the bible call homosexuality so? Read the information below to find out all reasons why homosexuality is considered as a sin.

Does Bible say homosexuality is a sin

Does Bible say homosexuality is a sin?

Bible says homosexuality is a sin. The words of the Bible devoted to homosexuality aren't numerous but are quite clear. Considering a normal sexuality as the important sphere of the life established by God, the Bible strictly forbids homosexuality as its perverted form. One of the spiritual accidents, the first in the history of mankind, death of Sodom and Gomorrah, happens because of the prevalence of homosexuality among their inhabitants. Homosexuality is a sin against God extorting a cry on behalf of the Earth. The Bible forbids homosexuality (along with other forms of the perverted sexuality), indirectly calling it one of the reasons of rejection by God of those people who inhabit the Holy Land. This ban is so unambiguous that for all ancient history only one case of its violation is recorded. The book of Judges Israel reports that soon after settling in Palestine there was something similar to an event in Sodom. In this case, guilty persons will have fast and inevitable death.

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Bible says homosexuality is a sin

Homosexuality is a sin – bible verse

In the New Testament, homosexuality is mentioned in messages of Peter and Paul. Peter lists a number of pagan indecencies, urging Christians not to participate in them. According to his words, nonparticipation in sin, on the one hand, is the answer of Christians to the victim of God. On the other hand, Peter calls this nonparticipation an important form of the Christian devotion. Statements of Paul are too unambiguous. In addition to things told by Peter, Paul calls homosexuality an unnatural thing. According to him, homosexuality contradicts the God's purpose about people and because of it is nasty at the Lord. Paul emphasizes that homosexuality is a consequence of alienation of people from God and it brings spiritual destruction to the human kind. Paul also emphasizes that homosexuality is an absolute obstacle for entry into the Kingdom of God. Besides, he urges to win against sins of this sort, destroying passions and lusts. He says that for rescue it is necessary to live in line with commandments of God, without submitting to sinful aspirations even in your mind. According to Paul, the law of God is given to the person to bridle them.

Nevertheless, the Bible doesn't say that homosexuality is a sin, which is heavier than others. Any sin is offensive to God. Homosexuality is only one of the listed sins, which won't allow the person in the God's Kingdom after death. According to the Bible, God's forgiveness is available to homosexuals as well, as well as to unfaithful spouses, idolaters, murderers, criminals, etc. For all people who have believed in Jesus Christ, God promised to help to win against a sin, including homosexuality.

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