Does God exist?

Whether people believe or do not believe in God, no one is able to prove if he exists. Read this article and find the different tractates of God’s existence.

does god exist
God’s existence is a fundamental question of all times. Nobody has ever been able to prove it. Every religion’s main principle is the faith. That’s why God only exists for those who believe in him.
Historically, the religion has always been a reason for wars, international conflicts and stormy debates. That’s why there are a lot of people living without it or having serious doubts about its use due to unproved existence of God.

Let’s define 3 general types of a relation to the religion.

Religious people

does god exist

Religious person is someone who lives by the principles and canons of a certain religion. It’s not hard to guess that these people believe in God’s existence and live by his commandment. It doesn’t depend on religion which they confess, as God has a different variation in every confession.
Believers are exciting people, because having a faith in God is a hard business nowadays.


does god exist

Atheism is not just the absence of belief. Atheism is a rejection of belief that any deities exists.
A number of people decline their religions due to absence of God’s existence.
In many countries atheists are not pleased, especially in countries where the state and the church are tightly connected.
The arguments of atheism’s representors are usually based on science, philosophy and historical approaches. Some people just fell free living without a religion, they feel as masters of their own fates.

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does god exist

Agnosticism is a doctrine or set of tenets rather than a religion as such. Agnostics are people situated between two fires, believers and atheists. While believers claim that God exists and atheists claim that he does not, agnostics just don’t know and they admit it.
To say it shortly, agnosticism is the view that the true values of certain claims (metaphysical and religious claims such as whether God, the divine, or the supernatural exist) are unknown and perhaps unknowable.
Agnostic is someone who says “prove it to me and I’ll believe”.

Concluding everything that is exposed, religion is a choice, which must be made by each of us. Some of us feel protected by having faith in supernatural. Others feel free living without it and some of us just don’t know and they doubt about everything, living in permanent conflict with their personalities. The main thing is that the person must not be forced in this question.
So, God’s existence is the matter of each of us.

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