Does going to church make your life longer? – Learn the amazing truth

Can going to church make you healthy and add you years of life? Learn the truth!

 going to church make your life longer

All who believe in God know that going to church is good! Why? Just because God said so and He always means good for us! But how about the secular science? Learn what it has to say about it.

Going to church boosts your well-being!

What happens to a person, when they start going to church? For one, there is a reason why you do it. You believe in God and you want to fulfill His will. It means you live in accordance with your faith and you gain harmony!


 church make your life longer

Inner struggles and distress highly contribute to illnesses and poor health. So, your inner well-being gets reflected in the outer one and in your health. All this promotes longevity in people.

And, most believers know that their bodies are the temples of God. So, they take good care of them. They eat well and stop smoking or drinking. All addictions rob you of the years of life!

 your life longer

So, sober living and church going help! Plus, modern life offers much stress. It kills our bodies. However, believers trust in God. They believe there is the great I than their own small I. So, they shed stress through prayer, reading the Word of God and worship.

This also helps you to live longer. So, the ungodly science proves: going to church is good for you! Faith pays off!

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