Does gospel mean good news?

You know the word “gospel” and phrase “good news”, but do not know what do they have in common? Read the article and find out whether they mean the same or not.

Does gospel mean good news?

The gospel, or "good tidings" means news of Jesus Christ, the Kingdom come and releasing people, enslaved by any form of oppression, misery and illnesses. The most obvious way of presenting good tidings are different acts of healing. In some cases, this word refers to the story of life, death and the Ascension of the Nazarene.

The Bible teaches us that apart from the name of Savior, there is no another name under heaven by which man can save himself from sins and the fires of hell.

Almost everyone has heard the definition “gospel”. Slightly fewer people know that it is translated as a “good tidings” (in more modern version - “good news”). And only a few know the most important secret of the word. It was not supposed to be a secret, but it just happened.


The “good news” is an unfinished part of the sentence. Tidings do not make sense if its content is unknown. Tidings are always news about something. The definition “good news” is just the beginning of the phrase, and its end “the Kingdom come”. In the synodical translation, this phrase is usually transmitted as “the gospel of the kingdom”. If the word “gospel” is used independent, we realize that “the realm of heaven” is meant by the context.

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Messiah brought not some abstract information about some occasion. He brought news of a specific event. The synodical translation of “the Kingdom of God” in the Gospels occurs for 62 times, and 32 times “Kingdom of Heaven”, in total nearly 100 times. This is more than any other doctrine of the son of God.

Imagine the situation when the two friends meet in the street, and one says to the other: Have you heard the news? Yes, good information. Perfect one. Go, tell it to others. And what is the news, by the way? I do not know. And it does not matter.


Absurd? But it is the real situation in today's Christianity. Everyone has heard the phrase “good tidings”, but almost no one knows what it means. If we enter the phrase in Google search, we get 652,000 results, but the “kingdom” is found for the first time only at the 75th result. The situation is similar with the “gospel”. Of course, it is not strictly scientific and representative estimates, but they show quite clearly that in the minds of modern people phrases “good news” and “the heavenly kingdom” are not related to each other. A single phrase is broken into two parts and the second part containing the actual episode is abandoned and forgotten. It turns out, that Christ came in vain - he was not heard. And their world does nothing to change this sad situation.

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