Does prayer changes the quality of your blood?

What happens to your body when you pray? One scientist proved: you get healed!

quality of your blood

A while ago scientists proved that prayer and good words can change the quality of water. From damaged molecules prayers turns water into pure and undamaged structure. But how about blood? Can prayer change blood too? Let’s find out.

How prayer affects human blood?

A scientist from Ukraine proved: worship and prayer change human blood! And they have the power to heal! This doctor has studied the blood of people, who provided him with samples after attention a worship service in church.

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From the very first research he was highly impressed with the results. The scientists have taken the blood samples before and after prayer. Then they compared the two. The samples taken before the prayer contained signs of inflammation and infection in the body. But the ones take half an hour later after the prayer had no such signs or the amount of anti cells were found in smaller amounts; which means the bodies healed up during the prayer!

When people are in stress or anger, it negatively affects their bodies and creates perfect conditions for infections and diseases. However, prayer leads to the peace in soul and mind. That positively affects the body and helps it to get well. So, prayer and worship have the power to please God and heal you!

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