Easter and Christmas: which is more important for believers in Jesus Christ?

Do you know the true meaning of Easter? Find out when is Easter 2016 and what Jesus Christ has done for you on this day.

March 27, 2016 is the Easter this year. So, let’s attempt to answer the question many believers in Jesus Christ ask: which is more important Easter or Christmas. These are two major Christian celebrations, when all the believers gather in churches to worship God.

Easter and Christmas

Now, surely there would be no Easter without the Christmas. Jesus Christ came to Earth as a baby on the Christmas day. He had to be born in the human flesh and became one of us. But what was the mission and purpose of His coming?

What is the mission of Jesus Christ?

Was it to live a good life here among people? Was it to show the Father to human beings? Was it to fulfill all the Ten Commandments while He walked the land of Israel? Well, all those were a part of Jesus mission, but they were only smaller goals. The main goal of the coming of Jesus Christ was to live to the Easter day and become the Lamb of God.

Easter inNigeria

 Soon we will celebrate Easter Sunday 2016. We will mourn the Easter Friday – the passions of Christ on the cross. And we will sing “The Christ has risen” on the Easter Sunday morning. The Lamb of God has become the offering for our sins and transgressions. He has offered His own blood and flesh to atone for our sins. He has died on the cross in your stead paying for your sins.

 Christmas in Nigeria

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And He has risen again, because death could not hold Him. Jesus Christ has done no sin to be punished by sufferings and death. He suffered there for any human being and paid the price. So now we can come boldly before God and worship Him. Our sins are paid for and we have been cleansed and forgiven through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 more important for believers in Jesus Christ?

That is why people go to churches worshiping Him and parsing Him. That is why they have even used Celine Dion’s “Love Can Move Mountains” hit to proclaim God’s love and forgiveness to this world. That is why Easter is greater than Christmas, as the birthday was just the beginning of Christ’s mission, while the death day was the end and triumph of His entire life!!! Jesus is risen, glory to God!

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