Holy Week – What is hidden Easter passage in the Bible you never knew about?

It is Holy Week and Easter 2016 is near at hand. What is one of the best and hidden Easter passages in teh Bible? Learn now, you would be surprised!

Easter week of March 2016, which also has the name of Holy Week is a unique time. God has planned the appearance of Jesus Christ and His death on the cross for many long of years. Many Bible passages of the Old Testament predict appearing of the Lamb of God and God’s plan of salvation. But have you found them all? Look up this amazing hidden Holy Week story of the Bible.

holy week easter 2016

Hidden Gospel prophesy of the Bible about Jesus Christ

Our story is told in the Book of Joshua 6:26

city of jericho

This is the story the people led by Joshua in taking over the fortress of Jericho. This town was a cursed one and it was dedicated to God with all there was in it: humans, kids, beasts, gold, things, etc. And in the 26th verse Joshua pronounced the oath. He said that anyone who rebuilds the city, is to pay for it with the murder of his firstborn son.

ruins of jericho

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Later on in the Book of 1 Kings 16:34 a man has rebuilt the city and suffered the passing of his firstborn son.

Still, that is not the end of the story. It is a hidden story of the Gospel in the Scriptures. It tells us of the Maundy Thursday, Christ's passions on the cross and salvation plan.

jesus lamb of God

The city of Jericho is the archetype of this sinful world and God is the one who rebuilds it at the cost of His one and only son life. Jesus Christ is that Son. On Holy Thursday He has given away His life for us, for the cursed and doomed world, where nothing could survive the dignity of God and His wrath.

God has rebuilt this lost town of Jericho and you and me along with it. The Lamb of God Jesus Christ paid the price and fulfilled the cursed. Paul writes that He has taken up the curse of the Law for us.

cross and nails

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On the Palm Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Son of God, who carries the sins of the cursed world. 

palm sunday logo

and on the Easter Sunday we celebrate God’s victory over sin and death.

cross and forgiveness of christ

Every born again Christian praises God for what He has done for us. He has set the highest price possible for our redemption and He has paid it in full – giving away His only Son Jesus. This Old Testament story has much more to it than it looks at first. It is the story of great love and great sacrifice of the loving God and His Son. Let us praise Him, for He is worthy of praise!  

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