How about Easter treats and Easter bunny? - Learn where they come from

Easter is a special time of celebration, but what does Easter bunny and eggs have to do with it? Learn the story now.

Easter is one of the best family holidays. Do you know where its main Easter traditions have come from? It is the right time to learn it.

How about Easter treats

Easter Eggs - part of Easter treats

Eggs became one of the most important symbols of Easter. The tradition to give eggs originates in Ancient Rome. There is an interesting legend about it. Mary Magdalene came to the emperor Tibery after Ascension. As she had nothing with her, except egg, she has presented it to the emperor with the words "Jesus Christ Has Risen!” Having doubted in the told, the emperor answered that as egg can't become red, the person can't revive. Tibery hasn't managed to say it, and egg begun to change its color.

Easter Eggs

Easter Bunny

In culture of the countries of the West, the Easter Rabbit is a symbol of this holyday. By old German tradition, it leaves to children a nest with surprising color eggs as a gift.

Easter Bunny

The custom appeared in the eighteenth century. Ordinary chicken couldn't lay such beautiful eggs. Germans wanted to add a fairy tale. Therefore, in Saxony the eggs were laid by the rooster, in Bavaria – by cuckoo, in Hessen – by fox, in Alsace – by stork. Then the rabbit has begun to produce the eggs too. Over time, he has forced out other competitors and became the main symbol of Catholic Easter.

Easter bunny where they come from

Nobody knows from where a custom to hide eggs has come. And some experts of history connect it with a name of Goethe. They say that it he has thought up these entertainments for the guests. After children and adults found eggs in a garden under bushes, there was no doubt that Easter eggs are laid not by hens, but Easter rabbits.

How about Easter treats

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From that time chocolate and marzipan bunnies are favorite delicacy both for children, and adults in Western Europe, America and Africa.

Now you know from where this holiday takes its roots. Don't forget to congratulate your friends and relatives with this remarkable festive time!


That will soon be a big holiday like Easter. Unfortunately , in Ukraine, I have never seen the Easter bunny . Yes, eggs are painted in different colors seen Easter cake and ate even seen . But the hare - no. Sorry , but I think that if during the celebration of the great feast was a rabbit - it would be more fun . Well, nothing , everything comes with time . And who has already started coming up with ideas for decorating Easter cakes and eggs ? I'm just going here , but in my head there are no ideas ? Can someone share a recipe for Easter cake ?

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