How best to study the bible?

What basic rules should you follow to study the bible more effectively? Read the article and you’ll learn the best tips.

To read the Bible and to study the Bible is two different things. In Christianity, it is considered that the Bible is sacred words of God and therefore it deserves respect. The bible is one of those books, which people often like to treat incorrectly. That's why to many of them just unclear about what it says. The bible was made throughout many centuries by large number of people of various eras and cultures. The purpose of studying of Bible is to understand what the author of the text wanted to tell in his native language, in other words – studying of the text in original. If you don't know what to begin with or how to study the bible for yourself – we will tell you everything!

How to study the bible for beginners?

1. Make the plan. Allocate time for studying of the Bible. Make a calendar, for example, and note hours of studying of Bible texts for every day.

2. Get the good Bible. Choose one of translations of the Bible. It isn't necessary to read fragments – from one book and from another. Don't buy art translations, such as 'Good news', 'Word of God', etc.

how to study the bible for yourself

It is interesting to read various interpretations of the Bible, but it is necessary to study classical translations. You want to understand that the author tries to inform you, but not to read foreign treatments and opinions. The best literal and classical translations are the Bible of King Jacob, Holman's Bible, and New American standard Bible.

3. Study the Bible with intention and desire to understand and learn the truth. Try to penetrate into essence of things. The bible has to come to life in your hands and speak with you. It is spiritual food.

How to study the bible for beginners

4. Pray. Ask God to help you to understand his words. Perceive everything that is told in the Bible literally. It isn't necessary to try to read between lines. It is usually simpler, than it seems at first sight. Often misunderstanding appears because of it.

5. At first pay attention to the New Testament. The New Testament supplements the Old, and Old Precept will add New. It is better for beginners to begin with the New Testament. Then the Old Precept will be clearer for you.

How to study the bible effectively

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6. Choose subjects, which you would like to study. Studying of the Bible on subjects differs very much from studying of certain heads or books. When you find an interesting subject, begin to read various places in the Bible about it. It will give you some certain notion of the question. For example, subjects can be such as rescue, obedience, a sin, etc. Remember that if you read one chapter several times, you will open for yourself a lot of new things, you will see and learn much more, than those who read everything one time.

How to study the bible pdf

How to study the bible effectively?

1. Use the dictionary. Find a meaning of unfamiliar words, which occur in the text.

2. Get a notebook. Write down everything interesting in it. Make notes every day. When you have questions, surely write them down in the notebook. Ask questions such as 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'why', 'how'. For example, 'Who was there?', or 'What has occurred after?' etc. Then it will be much easier for you to understand what is happening.

How to study the bible pdf 1

3. Allocate important or interesting places in Bible with colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

4. Read cross references and footnotes if they are in your Bible. They point to other places, in which it is told about the same. It is search in the entire Bible in keywords. Footnotes offer explanations or contain various interpretations of this concept or verse, refer to certain events in the history or to well-known historical figures. Try to read cross references in some places, which were evident to you or weren't absolutely clear.

How to study the bible effectively 1

5. Try not to distract. Switch off the TV and radio. Try to be engaged in studying of Bible in silence and tranquility. This is the time, which you need to spend with God.

How to study the bible pdf?

The most popular book for studying of the sacred text is John Macarthur – Study Bible. It is suitable as for beginners, as for those who just want to understand bible texts in more detail.

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