How did this pastor die during the church service?

Did pastor die during the service being ready to preach? Learn about the shocking event.

pastor died

This tragic event took place during one of the church services in Bungoma Country. Pastor came there to minister, but was carried away dead!

Did pastor die in the midst of congregation?

His name was Caleb Sifuna. In Kanduyi he served at Free Salvation Life Ministries church. The man of God was getting ready to preach. He still sat on his chair and unexpectedly collapsed to the floor.

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pastor died in church

They took him to the hospital fast, but no help was needed. The man was gone. The bishop tells that he has recently been very ill and took some time to recover. Apparently he still needed more rest and medical care.

People in the church never heard their pastor complaining about pain or feeling ill. This man of God served till his last moments on Earth. It’s a sad event, but what better death could you wish for a pastor? He went to heaven ministering and fulfilling his call here!

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