How many people wrote the Bible?

Do you know how many people wrote Bible? What were the occupations of the Bible authors? And when did each of them write it? Let’s find out together.

Bible authors

As you probably know, the Bible was written by God. The authorship of this Book belongs to Him alone. Here is what we find in II Peter 1:20-21: “You must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

This miraculous process has been talked about for years now. God is the Author of the Bible; however, He inspired people to write the Scriptures through them using their special styles, manners and metaphors. Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that it is all God’s work.

Another thing you should read from the Bible to make sure you understand everything clearly is this: “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” As you see, God has as if breathed the meaning and the power into the words He wrote down through His chosen people. Therefore, Bible is not a regular book; it has a Divine Authorship.

Bible authors list

As you know from our other articles, Bible consists of two parts: the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament has thirty-nine books, while the New one has twenty-seven. The Catholics believe that seven more books in the Old Testament as well as the Orthodox. They were all written at the different time by different people. However, when put all together, they make perfect sense and complete each other. They create a big picture of the past events and future ones God promised to make happen. Considering how many prophecies have already come true within the last several thousand years, there are no doubts that this book is inspired and controlled by God.

In this article, we will see how different its authors are. They had different professions, came from the various background, and were of the different attitude to God at all before they met Him in their hearts one day. Meet a list of books together with their authors next to them as well as a short explanation of who these people really were:

  1. Genesis: Moses (He is a prophet who took the Israelis out of the slavery in Egypt. He was born in Egypt, raised in Pharaoh’s family. Then one day he killed an Egyptian that was torturing a Jewish man, and ran away from Egypt hiding from the angry Egyptians. After forty years of being a shepherd, he was called by God to take the Israelis out of Egypt to the land God promised to them. He showed miracles to the Pharaoh, crossed the sea, showed many more signs to the Israelis on their way to the area they were supposed to have. But he never got to enter the Promised Land, only saw from afar).
    Bible authors how many
  2. Exodus: Moses
  3. Leviticus: Moses
  4. Numbers: Moses
  5. Deuteronomy: Moses
  6. Joshua: Joshua
  7. Judges: Samuel
  8. Ruth: Samuel
  9. 1 Samuel: Samuel; Gad; Nathan
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  10. 2 Samuel: Gad; Nathan
  11. 1 Kings: Jeremiah
  12. 2 Kings: Jeremiah
  13. 1 Chronicles: Ezra (He was born and brought up in Babylon. He came from the family of Moses’ brother but years and years later. His primary goal for the life was to take the Jews out of the slavery. His occupation was a scribe. He returns the Jews back to the land God promised them.)
    Bible authors occupations
  14. 2 Chronicles: Ezra
  15. Ezra: Ezra
  16. Nehemiah: Nehemiah (This man used to serve as a cupbearer for the king of Persia. However, one day when he heard that Jerusalem is all turned into ruins, he asks the king to let him go and rebuild the wall around the city. The king lets him go, and makes him later a governor of the Judah after in less than two months the wall turns out to be rebuilt.)
  17. Esther: Mordecai
  18. Job: Moses
  19. Psalms: David and others (David is a famous king, However, his career started in the fields where he used to work as a shepherd for his father. Then he once came to bring food to his brothers who were in the army, heard the arrogant Goliath saying bad things about the God of Jews, and kills him with a stone. Jesus was born to the David’s family, only many years after.)
  20. Proverbs: Solomon; Agur; Lemuel
  21. Ecclesiastes: Solomon (This guy was a son of King David. He was no regular kid: once he was asked by God what he wanted to have if he could ask for anything in the world, and he asked for wisdom. He turned out to be the wisest person ever lived and the wealthiest man on earth. He also built a temple for God.)
  22. Song of Solomon: Solomon
    people wrote Bible
  23. Isaiah: Isaiah (He was a prophet from God and an adviser to at least four different kings. A lot of the prophecies from his book have already come true.)
  24. Jeremiah: Jeremiah (This man is a prophet too. His primary mission was to warn the people of Judah  that God is not happy with their choices. All of his warnings are addressed in a crying manner.)
  25. Lamentations: Jeremiah
  26. Ezekiel: Ezekiel (He was a priest who along with the rest of his people was taken as a slave to Babylon. He was chosen by God to guard His people, as they were doing evil and following false gods. His life was extremely tough.)
  27. Daniel: Daniel (Daniel was taken to Babylon as a young man where he was taught by the best teachers to become an officer in the king’s palace. He turned out to be faithful to God even when life Is not treating him well. He interpreted the dreams of other people and was loved a lot by them as a result.)
  28. Hosea: Hosea (He became famous for marrying a prostitute because God told him to. His wife was cheating on him, but he accepted her again. God was teaching the people of Israel that His love for them is just like Hosea’s for his unfaithful wife.)
  29. Joel: Joel (We don’t know a lot about him. He was a prophet.)
  30. Amos: Amos (This man used to be a shepherd. One day God called him to go and say things He had against the Kings.)
  31. Obadiah: Obadiah (His background is not known.)
  32. Jonah: Jonah (Jonah came from Northern Kingdom of Israel; God sent him to go tell Nineveh that God wanted them to repent before Him. As he did not want to go there, he tried to run away, but once in the sea and in the storm he was thrown into the water and was swollen by a huge fish. He stayed in it for three days, and then was thrown to the coast. He went Nineveh.)
  33. Micah: Micah (He was a prophet for both Kingdoms of Israel and Judah.  Saved another prophet Jeremiah from the death penalty.)
  34. Nahum: Nahum (Not much is known about this prophet).
  35. Habakkuk: Habakkuk (Not much is known about this prophet).
  36. Zephaniah: Zephaniah (He came from a royal family.)
  37. Haggai: Haggai (He served God in a mission of encouraging the Jews to finish the construction of the temple.)
  38. Zechariah: Zechariah (He had the same mission as Haggai.)
  39. Malachi: Malachi (This prophet encourages The Jewish people to repent and come to God again.)
  40. Matthew: Matthew (he used to be a tax collector for the Roman Empire. Later he became an apostle of Jesus Christ.)
  41. Mark: Mark (He wrote down the stories told by Peter about Jesus.)
  42. Luke: Luke (He used to be a doctor. He helped Apostle Paul in his missionary travels a lot.)
  43. John: Apostle John (This man used to be a fisherman before called by Jesus to follow Him. He became His favorite disciple and was very loving to the rest of the group.)
  44. Acts: Luke
    Bible authors and their books
  45. Romans: Paul (Before converting, he used to be a religious activist who killed and opposed Christians. Jesus met him on the road to Damascus where he wanted to kill the believers. However, it all changed once he met Christ. He became a missionary to many peoples.)
  46. 1 Corinthians: Paul
  47. 2 Corinthians: Paul
  48. Galatians: Paul
  49. Ephesians: Paul
  50. Philippians: Paul
  51. Colossians: Paul
  52. 1 Thessalonians: Paul
  53. 2 Thessalonians: Paul
  54. 1 Timothy: Paul
  55. 2 Timothy: Paul
  56. Titus: Paul
  57. Philemon: Paul
  58. Hebrews: Paul
  59. James: James (Jesus’ younger brother)
  60. 1 Peter: Peter (Before he became the main of twelve Apostles, he used to be a fisherman. He was in charge of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ among the Jewish people.)
  61. 2 Peter: Peter
  62. 1 John: Apostle John
  63. 2 John: Apostle John
  64. 3 John: Apostle John
  65. Jude: Jude (Jesus’ younger brother)
  66. Revelation: Apostle John

So, now you know all the authors of the Bible and the books they wrote from the list abovee. See, it is interesting. So give your Bible a read!

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