How many religions are in Nigeria?

Do you know how many religions there are in Nigeria? Find out here!

religions nigeria

Religions have always played an important role in the life of the every African. And our country is not an exception – religions in Nigeria are various nowadays.

Because of the country’s diversity it’s not surprising that people ask how many religions in Nigeria there are.

The major religions in Nigeria

The main purpose of religion here is to lead people to something good and peaceful. It also helps them to understand their own lives and to be kind to others.

Nigeria is proud to be a very religious country with the different religions depending on the region.

If there was no religion in our country, there would have been no order. That’s why we respect our God, our churches and the people who work for the churches to help us.

If we look back in the history, it’s impossible not to notice that Nigerian people have always been religious. However, their religion looked a lot different than now. Things were quite ambiguous for a while but then Nigeria faced something new – Islam.  

Islam in Nigeria

It was first introduced in the northern part of the country. However, it took a couple centuries before it was a completely established religion.

Right now the most of the population is still following Islam. It’s quite exciting because it makes the country one of the biggest in Africa in terms of the Islamic population.

religions nigeria

At first all the important mosques and religious centers were built only in the most important capital cities and areas.

However, as the religion gained popularity, you could find a mosque almost everywhere in the northern part of the country.

After Islam was established as an official religion in the northern Nigeria, there appeared a lot of tensions. That’s why people really needed a real government which would establish rules and make laws.

And that’s exactly what they did. Therefore, there appeared a government whose ideas were based on Islam.

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The Islamic sphere of influence got bigger. Therefore, the Yoruba ethnic group also joined and a lot of people became Muslims.

Moreover, it got further – even to the central areas in Nigeria. It means that the amount of Muslims was just huge and it still is.

Islam religion takes a very important place in Nigeria’s history and it remains one of the most famous religions in the country and in the world in general.

Christian religion in Nigeria

However, soon enough the other religion came here. It came together with the British invasion in Nigeria. The ideas that they learnt from the Europeans were spread throughout the country really fast.

That’s why Christian religion became so well-known in a short period of time.

Christian churches

When the British people came, they wanted to teach everyone about Jesus Christ and to make the others believe. They were really kind and open to people and that’s why they earned respects.

It didn’t take long time before there appeared a lot of Nigerian Christians.

Igbos was the first ethnic group that was affected by Christianity. British pastors and other church workers were happy to tell them everything about Jesus.

religions nigeria

Moreover, they helped them to build the churches where they could worship.

It has been evolving through time. Soon enough it finally reached the south. Even though the process was quite slow, the result is unbelievable! Nowadays there are millions of Christians here.

What is even more exciting, you can find the representatives of different branches of Christianity here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a catholic or a protestant – there are churches for everyone. And everyone is respectful too.

Old traditional religions

Even though most of the population is split up between Islam and Christianity, not all the people belong to those groups. There are still people in Nigeria who tend to hold on to the old traditions.

There’s no way we can skip this part while talking about the religions in Nigeria.

There are some tribes that still believe in the power of nature or a huge amount of Gods. They can worship almost anything and that’s an absolutely normal thing for them.

They believe that Mother Nature will help them and save them from everything.

Some people find it weird now. However, centuries ago it was the only religion that was possible as there was no education and no other people.

religions nigeria

Moreover, the ethnic tribes tend to be very conservative in terms of religion and culture. That’s why even now you can find a lot of people following the other kind of traditional religion.

They still do the sacrifices and other rituals, which is quite unusual and sometimes even scary.

Even though the government doesn’t approve these kinds of actions, the natives are still doing it. In Nigeria you are free to choose any religion you want unless you are hurting someone else.

That’s why many people think that the actions of such groups should be strongly controlled.

There are also Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions but the amount of worshipers is really small in Nigeria.

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