How much does the Gucci bag of Biodun Fatoyinbo, Senior Pastor at COZA, cost?

Why is Biodun Fatoyinbo so rich? How did he become so wealthy? What property does he have? You’ll find out all the secrets of the rich pastor you wanted to know here right now!

Biodun Fatoyinbo

Biodun Fatoyinbo, major Pastor of COZA, which is Commonwealth Zion Assembly, is certainly one God man, who prefers to live a real luxurious life. Biodun Fatoyinbo biography has a lot of stories connected with rich entertainments, villas, cars and clothes.

Biodun Fatoyinbo's car

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Recently the pastor showed at his Instagram profile his selfie showing off his new Gucci Web Animalier GG Supreme Tote. This Gucci bag’s cost is about $2500! This means it is worth about N1million.  Isn’t that crazy?

Biodun Fatoyinbo's bag

Nowadays the luxurious pastors are becoming wide-spread in all the parts of Nigeria. But is it good for pastor to have Gucci bags? Well, it’s up to you, guys!

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