How Muslims Celebrate Ramadan 2016?

What is Ramadan all about? What do Muslims celebrate during what they call “The holiest month of the year”? Read the article to find out these answers.

Ramadan 2016

Ramadan is coming. It is one of the most important times of the year for followers of Islam. However, despite much fuss around it in the mass media, not all of us know what actually is celebrated during this period of time.

Since Muslim holidays are celebrated according to the lunar calendar, not the Gregorian one the rest of the world live by, each year there is a certain shift in the dates of Ramadan. Even Google search engine is aware of the Ramadan calendar shifts; that is why it leaves a small disclaimer explaining that “each year dates are changing”.


Ramadan 2016 will take place between June 5 and July 4. It is one of those rituals that religious Muslims consider important for their spiritual life. Among other core traditions are generous giving, testimony of their beliefs, regular prayers and Mecca-pilgrimage.

Ramadan was called a “holy month” by Prophet Mohammed who claimed that during this time “gates of hell are closed and gates of heaven are opened’. Moreover, this was the month when he started writing the book of Quran inspired by God on the “The Night of Power”.

So how is it celebrated?

  • Muslims keep their regular prayers. It is an essential part of their religion, and especially during the “holiest month” they add some extra time to their prayer routine.
  • The core part of Ramadan is fasting. It is an interesting spiritual discipline which we will discuss a bit later.
  • Ramadan also includes much fellowship. As the followers explain, they feel very special when knowing that millions of other Muslims around the world experience the same feeling of hunger of thirst. It is considered to unite them and add more excitement to their fellowship.

ramadan prayer

Fasting during Ramadan is so important that we should talk about it more. Muslim fasting is different than that of Christians. For some reason, Muslims believe that they are allowed to eat during the dark time of the day while Christians fast the whole day.

Considering the fasting time, they are not allowed to either drink or eat. Some youngsters still chew gums to make them feel better. However, the laws say that they should restrain from it to practice the spiritual discipline.

In this regard, they usually wake before dawn to have their first meal. The meal consists of great quantities of high-protein food as well as much water. They eat and drink as much as possible in order ot be able to function normally during the day.

ramadan 2016

Normally, Muslims go to work on Ramadan; though some countries or enterprises whose owners are Muslims let them go home earlier in the view of the holiday.

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There are two reasons for fasting during Ramadan:

  1. To remind yourself that you are just a weak human dependent on God and His strength which He provides you with through food and water.
  2. To feel what it feels like to have no food or water in order to encourage people be more generous in their charitable giving throughout the year.

Ramadan fasting

So this is what Ramadan is all about and that is how it is celebrated. Check out more about Muslim traditions and beliefs on our website.


Ramadan - a truly spectacular holiday many minds. And even though I believe the other, but all the same attitude with respect to the faith and traditions of all religions. Ramadan - the holy festival that unites all found and lost brothers in whose hearts the day beating in unison. Me personally, this holiday delights, because so many people come together, in order to worship their God and thank him for all the privileges in life, or else ask for a petition. It is very important for each of us, for any religion anywhere in the world.

Answered 1 year ago.

I already know what Ramadan from the last article, and I was very interested єtot great Muslim holiday. For? To such a holiday like Easter or Christmas Christians. I love prazniki this kind, because then the whole family and all the relatives mirotvorit peace and tranquility. People celebrate it, as it is very large for this feast of the people, the Muslims are more people and they veruyuyuschy this feast is prepared in advance and schatelno. I think many of the article very much, and all interested in how Muslims celebrate Ramadan. I will wait for the news, and watch the Internet for further development.

Answered 1 year ago.

This is the period when the person is given the opportunity to stay, away from mortal life and think about eternity. Man is not simply depriving themselves of drink and water, and improving himself in spiritual practice. For Muslims, this is the time you need in order "to strengthen the soul." This year the post has "for the longest light period of the year". In the evening believers make breaking fast, called iftar. Evening Fitr is a blessed time, so it try to invite relatives, close friends and neighbors and it is believed that a Muslim who arranged a treat, can count on the forgiveness of sins and a place in Paradise. Often for iftar invited by the Mullah.

Answered 1 year ago.
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