How rich is David Oyedepo?

Do you know how rich is Nigeria’s richest pastor David Oyedepo? You will be shocked to know what his net worth really is. Keep reading to learn more.

David Oyedepo

If you search for “David Oyedepo” on YouTube, you will find dozens of his sermons, messages, and teachings. Apart from scandalous videos people create and upload about Pastor David Oyedepo, there are a great number of sermons he preached to the congregation of his church. However, despite being a cleric worker, he is pretty wealthy too.

But let’s start with David Oyedepo’s biography first to understand his personality better. David Oyedepo was born on September 27 in Kwara State in Nigeria. He was born to a family of a Muslim and a C&S practitioner. However,  thanks to his grandmother he was introduced to Christianity and converted to it as he grew older. His first Christian experience was when his grandmother took him to her local church where he first saw how Christians pray, what their God and relationship with Him look like, and what is the point of giving the tenth part of everything you own.

When he became a high school student, one of his tutors was a believer, and he spent much time telling him about God. As a result, David Oyedepo came to Christ and dedicated his life to the Lord. However, as we hear about him today, is name is mostly connected to the Pentecostal Church of Nigeria that is known Living Faith Church World Wide.

David Oyedepo ministries

Once asked about the idea of founding such a church, David Oyedepo stated that God spoke to him and told him that He wanted him to start this church as a God’s way of setting the world free from any ruling of the devil. That is when he got a vision that lasted for more than seventeen hours. In it, David Oyedepo was ordered by Got to start a church and several ministries. That was exactly what David Oyedepo did and that I show the Winners Church got known throughout the world.

It is the biggest church in Nigeria as well as one of the largest churches worldwide. You can find this congregation in more than three hundred cities around the Nigerian states as well as more than sixty Winners Chapels in other African countries. Among the other countries this church can be found in are Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, etc.

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David Oyedepo is referred to as a pastor whose messages and sermons have the strongest effect on congregations. And this is not only true for his homeland but for the other countries, he visits to preach at. He is a leader of the charismatic movements in Africa, and he does not seem to be willing to stop.

David Oyedepo messages

Moreover, David Oyedepo is one of the most wealthy preachers in Nigeria. David Oyedepo’s net worth was about $150 million in 2011 alone. We have no figures of his total income today, but according to the official Forbes website, this is how much he possessed five years ago. So probably he owns even more than that today.

However, it is not only him who is rich. The Winners Chapel is also quite wealthy as a congregation. They own at least four private flying vehicles as well as a vast territory called Canaanland with the total of 2.1 square kilometers. On top of that, David Oyedepo is the founder of what is known as Faith Tabernacle. This is a huge auditorium that can have at least fifty thousand people seated. This is where David Oyedepo preaches.

David Oyedepo sermons

The Guinness Book of World Records mentioned this Faith Tabernacle as the biggest auditorium known. The territory of Canaanland is also famous for having different facilities like banks, cafes, canteens, playgrounds, as well as stores and other places like bakeries that sell goods to make money for the church needs. As a matter of fact, this territory is also a home for at least two thousand church staff members that have different positions and carry out various responsibilities. The area of this church zone has grown recently, though we do not know the exact numbers of the square kilometers they own now.

David Oyedepo biography

David Oyedepo has a big family. He is married to Faith Abiola Oyedepo who is not merely his wife but a fellow pastor at the Living Faith Church World Wide. A couple has four children: David Oyedepo Jnr, Issac Oyedepo, Love Oyedepo Ogah, and  Joys Oyedepo.

If you are interested in learning more about the person of David Olaniyi Oyedepo and his ministires as well as biography facts we did not mention here, you can find more details on an official website of Faith Tabernacle.

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