How to be a pastor of a church?

How can one become a pastor of a church? What are the duties of a person in question? And can a woman be a pastor? These are the questions we’re answering in this article.

what is it like to be a pastor

Being a pastor is an honorable job. A lot of people are looking up to men in this position, and want to be like them. There is another group of people who are not very supportive but rather angry with them claiming that they do nothing only teach others how to live. In this article, we will find our what duties a pastor has and what it’s like to be a pastor.

How can someone become a pastor?

A pastor is a responsible job. So, not anyone can hold up this title. Moreover, since being in charge of a congregation regardless its size and amount of people in it involves a lot of counseling and helping people out of troubles, big and small, God has specified how exactly a man who can qualify for this position should look like to make a good pastor.

Therefore, let’s see what God in the Bible says about it.

First of all, in the verses which we meet on the pages of the Bible describing what a real servant should be like, God mentions that he is to love his wife, be faithful to her, and only be married once. The reason behind is that his relationships with his wife demonstrate what relationship Jesus Christ and His Church, or people who believe in Him as well as follow Him and dedicate their lives to Him. In fact, as we see from the Bible and from our personal lives, Church is not always obedient or respectful of God. Sometimes people in the congregation are so worried about themselves that they forget God; yet there is no verse in the Bible which says that God can stop loving the Church. Christ is devoted, and so must be the pastor. (Titus 1:6-7, 1 Timothy 3:2)

Secondly, a pastor should have an exemplary family. That is his children should obey him. God known that people cannot be perfect, and even more children. However, he expects to see the fruit of a person’s willing to become a pastor one day bringing up. Children who respect their parents are a result of a hard work, dedication to God’s principles by parents and much love and humility expressed by parents while disciplining their children.
And also, if his children respect him, this shows that he is good at managing his household. That’s why he can be entrusted with the church. On top of that, this demand about the family also reminds us that our families are the first place where we have to serve people and show good examples of love and unconditional acceptance.

what is it like to be a pastor of a church

The third characteristic of a pastor to be is desire to take responsibility over a group of believers. He doesn’t brag that he is so great that people follow him. He is able to stay behind the curtains, but he has a strong desire to help and serve other people (Titus 1:7).

Number four characteristic of a pastor from Titus 1:7 is that a pastor should be very humble, not seeking fame or thanksgiving for what he is doing. A pastor should have a character of Christ who was humble. A pastor must constantly demonstrate the gospel by admitting when he is wrong and assuming responsibility and restoring relationships.

A pastor should not consume alcohol or be a drunkard. This is also written in Titus 1:7. From this we can assume that all the other addictions are off the table, as an addict is a slave to sin, which should not happen among Christians in the position of pastors.

Moreover, pastors are to be the peacemakers. They should not be arrogant or prideful. They should not start conflicts, but on the contrary should be the ones to settle all the disputes and help people find a peaceful way out of the situation.

Besides, from the next verse we see that the house of a pastor should always be open for other people. His family should not live for themselves only. They are to accept people, be hospitable and ready to help and host in need. The door to their home should be always open. And their home with all the peace and love and respect in it should be a place others can come to rest and find comfort.

Another thing about a pastor one should know is that he must not be quick-tempered or angry. As Titus 1:8 shows God wants people to be self-controlled meaning that all the emotions that emerge as a result someone’s actions or words should be first filtered before they are said. As some people state, an ability to control one’s desires and emotions should be see in every sphere in life including diet, words, time, sex, money, and physical training.

This man should also be a good teacher. Even though all the previous characteristics described man’s character, this characteristic is something this man should be able to do. He must be capable of teaching others the sound doctrine in a nice and simple manner for people to understand him. It doesn’t matter how many people he is talking to, he should not be afraid but keep teaching regardless the audience. Most of the churches in Crete were house churches. The elders were to defend the faith once delivered to the saints against the numerous false teachers that arose.

how to be a pastor

A pastor must love Jesus and devote his whole life to Him, says Titus 1:8. This should be obvious from the way he lives and teaches others. He should strive to live a life with no sin. It does not mean he can be flawless. However, this should be a desire of his heart.

Another passage that speaks about ways of becoming a pastor of a church states that a pastor must be respected. Even though there would be people who won’t like his personality, they should have no reasons like his sin or immorality to stay away from him.

This man has to be mature and walk with Christ not for the first year. He should have experience in fighting the sin. People should follow his example and follow Christ and all His commandments the way this man does. He should an example in marriage, in personal finances management, in teaching, parenting as well as personal time with Christ.

how to be a pastor of a church

What is it like to be a pastor of a church?

Even though this is an honor to be chosen by God to perform such an important role in His Body, being a pastor is not that easy. However, since I am not a pastor myself, I will provide the answers pastors from all over the world gave to this question.

One of them said that congregations in America, for instance, are not too big. Yet, since they don’t have enough ministers in churches, a pastor is often loaded with other responsibilities of a Bible teacher, accountant, strategist, visionary, computer tech, counselor, public speaker, worship director, prayer warrior, mentor, leadership trainer and fundraiser.

The self-esteem of these men as a result of this service falls, and they admit that it is completely different from how they first imagined it would be. The biggest problem of being a pastor is that people will criticize you a lot and you will have to deal with it.

Also, people leave very often, and pastors have to learn how to “have a “tough skin and a soft heart.” Love people, hold them lightly and don’t take it personally.

Moreover, Eighty five percent of pastors said their greatest problem is they are tired of dealing with problem people, such as disgruntled elders, deacons, worship leaders, worship teams, board members and associate pastors, informs the Church Leader resource.

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Another thing these men feel very often is that they are all alone; they feel lonely and have no time for friends. Also, it is interesting that “fifty percent of the ministers starting out will not last five years. Seventy percent felt God called them to pastoral ministry before their ministry began, but after three years of ministry, only 50 percent still felt called.”

Finally, being a pastor can mean that you won’t have financial state equal to that of people around you and even in your congregation. The salary of a pastor is not too high, so it might also be an issue.

can a woman be a pastor of a church

Can a woman be a pastor of a church?

People split down the middle here. Some believe yes while others believe that not. The first category of people, liberals, believe that concerning the roles of women in the Lord, there is no ban from the ministry. A woman can do everything a man can do as far as the ministry is concerned. There should be equality in the ministry. To prove this point they refer to Galatians 3:28 where Paul says “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

However, conservatives believe that God really meant it when He said “But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet. For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve. And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression.” (1 Timothy 2:12-14) The word silence means being possessed by a calmness of spirit and peaceful disposition. It is set as the opposite to "teaching" and "having authority over a man.

God did not diminish women’s role in His plan. However, by saying this He emphasized that men and women are created differently with their set of strengths and weaknesses which define what sort of ministry they should be involved into.

duties of a pastor of a church

Women and men as God’s creation are equal, but they are meant to have different nature of ministry. Even a cursory reading of the pertinent texts reveals three important observations: 1) there were no known women pastors in New Testament times; 2) none of the instructions regarding church order include instructions for women pastors; and 3) some texts on church order explicitly forbid women to occupy that role.

So, as you see opinions split down the middle. I believe that the latter position is right, and women should not be teaching men, as it is not in their nature or in their authority. However, women can teach other women or children if they are natural leaders and want to utilize their gifts in a ministry. This will be in accordance with God’s Word and His plan described in it.

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