How to hear from God: 10 tips Nigerian believers

Can God speak to mortal people and can we actually hear Him? Find out how to hear the voice of God and communicate with the Almighty.

There are many folks putting in question such a probability. How to hear from God, if a person is unable to touch or perceive Him or sense Him in physical sense? Is it even imaginable? Do you get to hear the distinct utter, when He is interacting with you? Let us get these questions answered and give you some practical guidelines on how to start hearing from God.

How to hear from God

Frist let us discern how Deity talks to humans. Is there more than one? Surely, there is. The Scriptures tell us that God “spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways” (Heb. 1:1).

See, He is set on getting His info through. That is why he communicates in many manners and many times. What are some of the means He resorts to when communicating with us and how can you start hearing from God?

:Nigerian believers hear God

  • The Bible
  • Prophets
  • Spiritual gifts
  • The voice of the Holy Spirit in the soul
  • Audible voice
  • Object lessons
  • Visions
  • Angels
  • Circumstances
  • Devine appointments
  • His ministers (preachers, pastors, etc.)
  • Church people
  • Presentiment

That is not a complete list. In the Bible we notice that in some situations He has even used a beast to voice His will to a tenacious diviner. Once Oprah Winfrey had given her audience a wise advice. A woman asked her how to hear the voice of God and distinguish your destiny.

10 tips Nigerian believers

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She said: first you hear a whisper. Then you are a voice, next you hear a cry. Finally you get the brick falling down on you. Eventually, if you do not take heed, you hit the brick wall.

This is very true. Many people say: God punished me with an ailment, but they do not apprehend the life has given them many warnings. First it was a whisper of a minor ache. Then it gets brassier and brassier. You may have occasional problems. Next you get into a hospital, but get healed and go home. If you do not act on it, you end up with that disease and life wrack, blaming God for it.

Nigerian believers

The same works with the blessings. You may hear the whisper and follow it. It gets brasher and brasher and you end up abundantly blessed and prosper in life. So, why is it so vital to discover how to clearly hear from God?

First of all, you should just as He wants you to. He has created people to have companionship with them. He longs you to be His comrade and that leads a lot of mutual communication.

How to hear from God believers

Secondly, hearing His voice can help you keep out of distress. (Pr 22:3). Tuning in to God helps you to be prudent and avoid trouble.

Thirdly, you can become blessed and successful. (Deut 28:1-2).

It is unattainable to follow the Lord, except if you hearken and understand Him. Here are the 10 tips on how to hear from God:

 Nigerian believers in God

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1. Establish relationships

We do not talk to strangers much. Or, we do not impart our most intimate or important information with them. So, if you long to hear God, you should meet Him first.

How do you establish that relationship?  It is like in any relation you have: meet someone, be in concord with them, like them, and get to know them, talk to them and attend to them. Do things together, etc.

In case you never communicated with God, do it now. It’s a prayer. Pray and make peace with God. Pray Him to pardon your iniquities in Jesus name. Start that conversation and let Him know you are interested. In the “Pray, eat, love” movie there is an awesome moment, when heroine first talks to God.

She never prayed before, but it is a fairly touching moment. The prayer should not be flowery or religious. Just express yourself to Him and tell what’s have on your hear. Anyway He can see you right through. So, there is no need to playact.

 Establish relationships

2. Have faith

Bible tells us: (Heb 11:6). If you do not believe in Him, why talking or hearing from Him? Faith is one of the customary ways of knowing we use daily.

Folks deem faith only in a spiritual thing. However, we daily use faith to live. How is it so? You get on that bus by faith. You do not KNOW it is alright and fixed. You cannot be sure the driver is not drunk or sick. You do not KNOW it won’t get into the crash.

You BELIEVE it is alright, you function by faith. We put trust in a variation of stuff, starting from food we eat and ending up with relationships. Marrying, we trust that lady or that guy to love us for good. We vote by faith, we stroll by faith, we shop by faith. So, why not use some of that faith to hear from God?

Yes, you do not see Him, but the same is right about the tons of things. For instance, you do not see the emissions of the phone, but you still talk to your friends using them. You get the point.

Bible tells us: (Heb 11:6)

3.Study His Word

One of the main ways to hearken God is by His Word. The Bible is God inspired manuscript. Being recorded by men, God retains its authorship. (2 Tim 3:16).

When you read it, when you research and ponder upon it, you get to know Him more. What is the use to hear someone, if you cannot understand them? At times we talk to individuals speaking the same tongue, but our ideas and mentality differ so much that we have hard time understanding each other.

Once you get to know Him, you start understanding Him. If you wish to know His will for you, just read the Word. Ask Him to talk to you through it. Ask Him to show you things and open up your understanding.

Study God Word

4 Seek Him

God created us in His resemblance. Simply put, in multiple ways He is just like us. We are alike. People like it, when they are sought after. They like to be liked and appreciated. It is a good thing, too. God wants to be sought after and treasured. So, take time to pursue Him. Do not try to talk to the Lord or hear him while watching TV or playing with your smartphone.

People detest it when you do it to them. Why should God like it? He wants your attention and respect. Would you play with your smartphone talking to the premier of Nigeria? No way. So, show some reverence and set aside a second to commune with Him, honor Him.

Study God

5. Make your heart tender

God’s Word has much to say about the hardened hearts. What it means is you become resentful and insensitive. Do you wish to communicate with folks like that? We love to be around those, who pay attention and have good feelings towards us.

We like those, who agree to meet us halfway. The same is true here. He is superior to you and that’s the fact. He purely sees better, so He assumes you would humble and surrender.

Make your heart tender

6 Pray and fast

Fasting and prayer can be very efficient, if we use them properly. These are not meant to control God into talking to you or answering your petitions. These are meant to honor Him and humble yourself. Once you hear His speech and know His will, you can boldly pray and get the answers.

Pray and fast

7 Worship

What kind of life would it be, if folks would turn to each other only to ask for something? Imagine your kids constantly begging you for things or demanding and not giving any love, respect, not sharing their emotions or thoughts with you.

We like to hear compliments or to share the deep innermost things with our friends. Worship is the time you take to express your love and appreciation for God. He simply loves it. (Ps 22:3).

He adores it and dwells among our praises. It’s a great start point. People report they have heard the voice of God most commonly during the worship and praise time. The power of prayer is the strongest combined with praise.

(Ps 22:3)

8. Develop your spiritual gifts

Prophesy is one of them. It simply means you can take heed to His voice or see visions and understand them. You can start small and grow in the use of such gifts through the contact with the Holy Spirit.

Develop your spiritual gifts

9. Pay attention

Take heed of stuff materializing in your life. There are no such things as luck or accidents. Things happen for a reason. They may not make sense to you just now. Still, if you take notice, you can get those clues and directions from God. He does use circumstances to get attention.

Pay attention

10. Know His voice

How do you hear His voice? It’s in your heart. Yes, at times He uses the audible one, but in the majority of instances it is the inner voice. It is very special, like no other. It is gentle, but it can be very urgent and insisting. It persistently falls in line with the Bible. If you know Him, you know His voice. One is impossible without the other.

Know God voice

Now, if you start following these tips on how to hear from God, you get the effects. Just do not quit too soon. It takes time, like with any relationships.

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