How to pray the rosary in Nigeria: 5 types of rosary beads  

There are many traditions in churches and one of them is praying rosary. Learn how to do it, what to use and what to say, when praying.

If you are not familiar with the Catholic prayers the name rosary may seem a bit odd. It is a special kind of prayer that is done using rosary prayer beads. There are many aspects related to how to pray the rosary. Understanding the type of beads used for this pray may help to start this spiritual practice.
How to pray the rosary

Here is a brief rosary history. Using beads in prayer started back in the 9th century. At first the bead line had hundred and fifty beads or knots on it. They stood for the 150 psalms of the Old Testament and taught how to say the rosary and keep all the proper Scriptures in mind.

rosary in NigeriaHowever, presently you may find different kinds of rosary prayer. For instance, one of the most used of them is the standard – it consists of “Our Father”, “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be” prayers. Basically, rosary beads help people to remember the order of their prayers. Since these prayers differ, the there are several kinds of beads used for them.
First rosaries were made out of rope or a strip of leather. Instead of beads they had knots of them. This was the easiest and cheapest way to make a rosary. Even today some rosaries are made after this fashion. Military ones are made of knots and even the crucifix is formed by knots shaping the cross. Let’s get more details on rosary beads:

  1. One decade rosary

    This is the rosary, when you do Our Father prayer once and Hail Mary 10 more times. Each bead on the string stands for each prayer. It’s a sort of rosary for beginners. It does not take much time, but it gets you trained to set aside prayer time every day. This prayer can be used in a family to pray with kids or for joint spouse prayer time.
  2. Rosary chaplet
    5 types of rosary
    Presently most rosary beads are made in 5 decade style and a crucifix, plus few beads leading to it. This type of beads is called chaplets, because their use differs from the use of standard set. When one is using chaplets, they read various devotions. They may devote the entire prayer time to some saint or several saints.

    At this, chaplets may have beads of different size and a different number of them on a string. Sometimes a chaplet is made specifically to pray to a certain angel or saint. If this is a specific type of rosary bead, besides the crucifix it may also have a small medallion with the image of the saint, Virgin Mary or an angel.
  3. Rosary ring
    rosary beads
    These vary in size and shape. You may get a rosary that you may daily wear on your finger. Or, if you feel like wearing large rosary string bead is not appropriate in your environment, you can get a small one for your finger. It’s not a wearable.

    It helps praying the rosary without getting much attention going your way. It can be stored in a wallet or a purse. Then you simply put in on your finger, get through the prayer and put it away.
  4. Rosary bracelet
    pray the rosary
    This is another wearable rosary. In some cases is may even look like a piece of jewelry. It is a sort of decade bead. However, instead of cross it may have a large bead, medallion or a cross shaped bead. Such a rosary may not attract undesirable attention to one’s religious practice. Still, it helps to keep up with one’s prayers and not to miss any of them throughout the day.
  5. Wedding rosary
    Wedding rosaryThis is a very special type of beads. It consists of two independent decade rosaries, but they come together being united by the cross. Often time the beads are made of pearls or of white flowers. Each rosary may be a full 5 decade bead string. It is a very symbolic rosary. It talks of two people being united in one body after the wedding. Two become one flesh.

There is also the wedding lasso rosary. These bead strings are large. They are made so to be put on the bride and the groom.  It is done during the ceremony and signifies of the same holy unity of two human beings.-

There are many other kinds and types of rosaries to be used in the devotions. These main types can get you started down the right path. The question is: who and why should pray rosaries and how to pray rosaries?  For once, rosary is not only a time of repeating your prayers. There are the mysteries of rosary one should meditate on, when going through the beads.

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rosary in Nigeria: 5 types

The reason to pray catholic rosaries is to become closer to God and keep up your relationships with Him. Moreover, a good and stable prayer life can help people to preserve their marriages and relations with kids. It is something that holds families together. Wearing a rosary is the proclamation of one’s faith. It shows other people who you believe in. These all are very good reasons to learn this type of prayer and do it daily.

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