I want to see Jesus

Do you wish to see Jesus? There is some good news for you: do something to make this day come closer! Read the full story.

There is an old Christian song named “I want to see Jesus “. It is a wonderful worship song that allows us to pour out our souls to God and state the true desire of any born again Christian. If you love your Lord, you aim to go to heaven with a solo purpose to see Jesus! Let us learn how we can meet Him here on Earth and when would Jesus come to Earth for His bride – the church.

i want to see Jesus

I want to know God

This is how the journey starts! The Holy Bible tells us that we all were lost like sheep and none of us sought after God. But He, being kind and loving, went after us and found us on our ways, being astray from His truth, life and light.

i want to know God

When He touches the life of a person, that person starts getting new desires and states: I want to see Jesus. Such transformation is only possible if God initiates it and draws you close to Him. The good news is He wants it, He is after you! He went out of His ways to touch, heal and bless your life. Now those who already met Jesus, they walk as the living testimonies (as another old psalm states) of His goodness and mercy.

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So, if deep down in your soul you say: I want to know God. It means He touches your life and pours in His mercy and loving kindness upon you. Do not miss your chance and turn to Him in prayer.

5 signs Jesus will come soon and very soon!

jesus second coming

We sing that song Open my eyes Lord i want to see Jesus. Our desire is not only to meet Him in spirit, but in person as well. The Bible promises us that in the last days Jesus, the Son of God would come back for His church. What are some of the signs of His coming?

  1. People of Israel
    People of Israel
    In the Gospel Jesus told His disciples to look at the fig tree as a sign of time. That very tree is a symbol of Israel in the Bible. So, when we see the ancient prophesies from the book of Daniel and other prophets to come true, we know the time is near. In 1947 Israel once again has become a nation.
    It is a true miracle as after almost 2000 years of failing to be a nation, the Jews have become a nation once again! In just one day a bunch of people have been turned into a nation and God’s people got restored by His word.
  2. Wars and trouble
    Wars and trouble
    We see this right now in Nigeria. We see the Biafra situation and Boko Haram insurgency. We see this happening in every corner of the world. The prophetic word comes to pass.
  3. Increase in sin and idol worshiping
    sin in the world
    When sin multiplies the grace grows, too. Such thing has happened before the great Noah flood. It happens again now. We see the sin even coming into the church along with false teachings and lack of love. All these are the signs of the last days and the coming of Jesus Christ.}
  4. Global government
    Global government
    As we can clearly see now the whole world strives to attain unified government. We see how the Revelation book visions are coming true right in front of our very eyes! People get the chance to pay for things online with virtual money. Countries unify around ideas and unions. The preparation for what was described by Apostle John is going on in full speed. The time is near!
  5. Gospel being preached to all nations
    gospel preaching
    This is the GREATEST sign of Jesus coming. Nothing else can compare to it. Our God is good and He wishes to give all tribes and nations a chance to hear Gospel and repent. It is not only a high time to say: I want to see Jesus. It is a high time to preach Gospel anywhere you go! This is the only thing you and I can do to make the Lord come sooner.

So, next time when you sing: I want to see Jesus  song again, think about what YOU can do to speed up His coming. Think of the people you could reach with the Gospel or of the missions you could take part in with your personal time, money or prayers! 


I'm also a believer, and I believe in God, but to see Jesus is not given to us yet, just as God, and let us pray to him and believe that he hears us, but still can not see. Perhaps this will happen after death, but while we are alive to live and enjoy this wonderful life that God gave us, and the fact that he has given us for this life, someone more than someone less. I despise those people who do not believe and say that God does not exist, but still in the most difficult moments turn to him. I like if I pray sincerely, God has always helped.

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