Illuminati: 10 famous people they allegedly killed

Did Illuminati members killed famous people? Get the list of 10 names, who allegedly have fallen their victims.

killed by Illuminati

This cult is powerful and its main goal is to have dominion. However, achieving it people may have to clear the way, so to say. In the past we heard the rumors of Illuminati killing those, who stand on their way. Allegedly the cult members have also gotten rid of these 10 famous people.

10 famous people supposedly killed by Illuminati:

This list is not complete, but it has several famous names in it. So, here we go:

  1. John Lenon
    He was a rebel. His music and ideas seemed to impact people’s emotions and occupied their minds. The Beatles was a phenomenon and no one can explain why they go so popular and what made people to be so emotional during their concerts. That makes celebrities dangerous for those in power. Some believe that the assassin was controlled by Illuminati and moved to kill Lenon.
    John Lenon
  2. Martin Luther King Jr.
    War is bad for the people and soldiers, but it is good and profitable for those in power. That’s how they make millions and even trillions of dollars. When the man started to speak against the war in Vietnam (he was extremely popular by that time), he became even more dangerous and they got rid of him.
  3. Jim Morrison
    Many people believed he was an Illuminati member. Certainly the man and his music are spiritual and devilish enough for that. Some say Illuminati killed him, while others think the death was staged and the man is still alive. He died from using too much drugs.
  4. John F. Kennedy
    Allegedly the man supported Illuminati, but then he went against their will. That’s what he paid the high price of his life for. Such is one of the theories.
  5. Malcolm X
    He was killed in 1965, because the man opposed those in power, including Illuminati members and was a threat to them.

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  6. Bob Marley
    He promoted happiness and unity among people, which does not fall in line with the Illuminati aims. So, he might have been gotten rid of by the powerful cult.
  7. Bruce Lee
    This man constantly felt that some demonic being was watching him. He might be watched by the cult and gotten rid of by making a sacrifice.
  8. Michael Jackson
    He was considered to be one of the Illuminati members, but later on he changed his mind and started speaking against the cult and died.
  9. Abraham Lincoln
    It was all about the money and power. People in the South risked to lose it all and the assassination was long planned.
  10. Tupac Shakur
    Surely, some people think the man is still alive. Recently the buzz went up in the social media concerning his selfies. He seemed to know much about the cult and was possibly its member. He came up with the word “Killuminati”. It means: Killing the illuminati. No wonder he is dead!

As you see, Illuminati members could have done much to make all those sad events to come true. We do not know for sure, if they were the ones to kill the famous people on the list, but it’s possible!


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