Is abortion a sin?

How bad is abortion? Find out how God views it!

Is abortion a sin

Ask and answer this question please: what is the worst sin of all? Well, most people would say it’s murder. That is one of the commandments given by God in the Old Testament: Thou shall not murder! What does it have to do with abortion? Well, let’s find out.

Is abortion murder?

For a long while, unbelieving scientists told people that a human is a human only after the birth. Until that it is a fetus or embryo and getting rid of it cannot be counted a murder. Well, things change and today even science believes that no more.


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With the development of technology, doctors were able to do an incredible thing.  They have gotten a real video of a real baby in the mother’s womb. They have been able to study all the phases of development of the baby inside the mother.

They even found out that the babies cry and experience real agony during the abortion. Those videos are shocking. But the question is how God views abortion?

In Psalm 139:16 King David says: “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

This means even the fetuses are of great importance to the Lord. He carefully monitors the process and watches over the development of the baby.

Just one verse up (15) we read this: “My frame (bones) was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.”


Isn’t that amazing?! Any person born in this world comes here by the will of God. No one is an accident. Even if your pregnancy is unwanted for you, it is wanted for HIM! He planned that baby, and He has a plan, purpose and calling for his or her life!

Now, here is an interesting fact. Scientists have discovered that during the conception moment, when the sperm cell enters the egg there is a flash of light, a small tiny, but a powerful one. God gives the soul and the spirit to a person during that very moment. Thus, abortion is a sin! It is murder!

Which is more, it is one of the most horrible acts of cruelty, as the mother, the one who was given the precious gift of life to love and cherish it, kills her baby inside her body! Such a murder is crueler than anything Hitler has done.

 abortion is sin

Yes, feminists say that a woman’s body is her property, and she has right to do as she wills with it, but the baby’s body is not! In Nigeria, the abortion rate is pretty low, but it keeps on growing, and many women try to find information online on how to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. It is a sin before God, so stop and save that precious life! Men, take the responsibility for what you do. A woman cannot get pregnant all by herself. So, if she aborts the child, you become guilty before God in committing murder! Save the life of your baby!

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