Is Islam a religion of peace?

Is Islam peaceful or violent? This is a very important question for NIgeria, where the half of its population consists of Muslims. Find out now.

Is Islam a religion of peace debate arouses between opponents and supporters of this religion already for a long time. Some people even have an idea that adherents of Islam are aggressive people ready to kill everyone who doesn't share their beliefs.

Is Islam a religion of peace?

However, it is not so. The Islamic world really includes radical Islamists. For example, Boko Haram concern to them. It is the organization, which is hostile to the western way of life and its religion. Seem like they don’t understand anyone who is not inside Boko Haram terrorist junta. They attacked Christian churches very often. They are considered pure terroristic and destructive community. However, others are peaceful Muslims who don't wish anything bad to representatives of other religions. In Nigeria, a half of the population is adherents of Islam. The president on Nigeria Buhari is also the representative of this religion. But they aren't radical Islamists and have no anything against Christianity or other religions. They are tolerant and accept the opinions of other faiths.

Islam a religion of peace?

So if not to take the radical Islamic organizations into account, Islam can be called religion of peace. To understand why it is so, it's necessary to learn some facts from history of this belief.

How Islam started?

Islam has arisen among Arabs, aboriginals of Arabia. Pre-Islamic Arabs are one of many people living in this region of the Middle East from that time. Numerous factors have exerted impact on initial character of Islam. It is possible to distinguish pre-Islamic ancient beliefs and cults such as Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism as the most important.

 religion of peace?

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Why Islam called a religion of peace?

Islam is religion of peace, truth and justice. Koran is a mercy Allah's message to his creations and the management for all people. In the Koran, Allah left to people his manual, has specified a way, which will lead every person to Truth, to good temper and will save him or her from hypocrisy, an ungodliness and perversity. His mercy is infinite – the Koran says. The Scripture begins with the words eulogizing the Creator as Merciful.

Why Islam called a religion of peace?

Unfortunately, the light aspect of Islam often remains in the shadow. The reason for that is the continuous promotion, which is carried out by some forces. They consider favorable to themselves to focus an attention on militant nature of Muslim belief.

The first Koran chapters, eulogizing Allah, speak about the Creator only as about the Lord who develops its creations. Allah is the Maker of all real things and fair judge. Laws and justice are born because of his love to right creatures and followers of good.

How Islam started?

‘Do donations for Allah's and don't doom yourself to death. Do good things. Allah loves such people’.

Allah loves these qualities and isn't happy with those who refuse to accept his instructions with other way of life. But it is not because he is offended. It's because disbelief gives birth to the criminal, capable to do harm to his right and patient creations.

Islam called a religion of peace

Islam approves high moral ideals. Allah's love is creative: she protects fine things in the world and clears it of nasty one. Islam doesn't recognize mysticism or legends. It is religion based on life values. Merciful Allah is a source and keeper of these values.

So, these are some facts about Islam. Therefore, if you a follower of other religion, don't perceive Islam as something hostile. It is rather peaceful religion on its origin. The most important rule is it to treat everything tolerant, and then people will live in peace and harmony.


Islam as a religion I really like and somewhat close, despite the fact that profess another faith altogether. In this religion, like some kind of mystery is a mystery, which attracts and lures. I have many friends who are Muslims. This is good, wonderful people who do not sin, live revered parents, their traditions. They do not lie, they pray to Allah as it should be, and try to visit the mosque to vaccinate their younger brothers and sisters of God's wonderful gifts. It is a pity that not all is well belong to the religion of Islam.

Answered 1 year ago.

Islam is a religion of peace, truth and justice, and the Quran the message of Allah the most merciful to His creatures and guide for all people. In the Quran Allah has given us counsel and guidance for those who fear him, the path that will lead them to the Truth, good manners and protect him from the hypocrisy, wickedness and depravity. Divine mercy is infinitely Sacred Scripture begins with the words "Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim", praising the Creator as the Merciful, the compassionate.

Unfortunately, the bright aspect of Islam often remains in the shadows. The reason for this is the constant propaganda carried out by certain forces who consider profitable to focus on militant nature of the Muslim faith.

Answered 1 year ago.
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