Is Mohammed A Prohphet Sent By Allah?

hi people i have came across a topic where poeple were discussing about Jesus being God or not, so what about Mohammed? is he a rasul Allah? How do people believes in such a fairy tale?

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this is a message to the moderator (Maclatunji) who is banning Shia members (including my senior brother "LagosShia") on the forum in a bid to silence them.you should know firstly that this forum isn't your father's property.even the owner appreciates the fact that the forum is a public forum.

you are abusing your mandate and portraying yourself as insane.May Allah (swt) hold you accountable for your tyranny online.you should know that we are many and if we wish,we can gather up to 100 members in this forum to make sure nothing but Islam as the Shia follow it in its pure form (not sunnism/wahhabism) prevails.

be mindful of Allah tabaraka.if you refuse to act responsibly,we'd make sure you get fed-up in moderating this forum.we'd turn it into a mess.your planned assault at a specific group of people is disgraceful.

i hope Seun sees this or if things do not change i'd make sure the nonsense prevailing here gets to his knowledge.i wonder what type of moderator take sides.




BABYOSISI IS BACK ON NAIRALAND. MISSED THOSE INTELLIGENT POSTS. WE LOVE YOU Davidddylan, Babyosisi and other great minds who have continued to open our eyes on real Islam with strong evidence that can not be disputed.


Great post. I have no doubt that muhammed is a prophet from Allah, the question I always pose to all who maintain that Christianity and muslims worship the same Supreme Being. From the old testament, prophets had foretold the coming of the Savior and Jesus Christ fulfilled all these prophecies. Now, immediately after His Baptism, it's recorded in the Holy Bible that the Holy Spirit descended on Him like a dove and a voice from Heaven was heard saying that Jesus Christ was His Beloved Son. Now, if God would testify through his prophets like John the Baptist that Jesus Christ was His Son, why would He turn around and tell mohammed a different story countering His earlier claim in the Holy Bible. So, if muslims say that mohammed is a prophet from Allah, no wahala, he was, but let it be known that Allah is not the same as the Christian God.


I only and only smiled at your post.

Intelligence is really priceless. And for that reason its hardly gotten easily.


No, Muhammed is not a prophet.

He is a warlord.


If only your muslim "brethren" like ayinba1, olabowale, frizy, samba and co would take your own advice.


It's Amazing to see how narrow minded, strong headed and Daft Nigerians can actually be. You come into a Muslim Forum and insult that which they believe in, how mature! Funny thing is most of the anti-Islamic posts here come from prejudiced and angry people who know NOTHING whatsoever about Islam. So hey, my advice to you people here is: "Whether you agree or disagree with our views, Just LIVE and LET LIVE!"

Eid Mubarak Ya Ayyuhal Muslimeen!



didnt know ill find one very sensible person here.

You are a really reasonable person,and i think you shold leave alone those self-righteous know-it-alls alone.

they just dont get it, and they'll argue till kingdom come.



And much less than a decade, I will be 60 years old. And up till now, I have no cavity and I am definitely not smelly. Yet I am very inferior to the Quality of Muhammad (as).

I think your person who you quoted, thinks every 60 year old person smells like Bengay; its not like that with the prophet and his followers.


Gbo gbo wa, in our selfish desire to protect out interest or what we've been brought up with, go to all extent in destroying the belief of the other. U read some book and reproduce it trying to convert another that ur religion is right, then another who might think he's better inclined academically starts proving what he's not certain about because some bunch of people have done their studies and you freaking believe it.

I'm a Muslim to start with and i am happy not to take Sides. For hundreds of years we've all been taking sides thinking ours is right. Two things contribute to African poverty, the lines of division in religion and ethnicity. And interestingly , 1000 years ago none of us were either Muslim nor Christain.Why not celebrate the unity of purpose and d fact that@ least we serve one God.

U christain, what do u know of the affairs of the world gan?, except of the little things the lord has shown to u. U Muslim, because u have been granted a bit of knowledge, u have now turned to Mr know it all.?

The world is more complpex than we all think, hold on to your belief if it helps you out.And follow the path of Objectivity and Clearity.For me,My God is one God, and my allegiance to the One, Olorun,Eledumare,Oba Ayeraye,Allah which by the way is different from (Al-lat : the goddes worshipped b4 Muhammed),Chineke,Dios and whtever name u call Him.

Many have pondered about these affairs u worry yourself about and have surrendered to God. Indeed the the wise is the one who knows he's not wise.

With Love

Naija,Africa,Humanity,Existence for Ever.


Allahs greatest command to his beloved prophet.

Qur’an 33:50 “O Prophet! We have made lawful to you all the wives to whom you have paid dowers; and those whom your hands possess out of the prisoners of war spoils whom Allah has assigned to you; and daughters of your paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of your uncles and aunts, who migrated with you; and any believing woman if the Prophet wishes her; this is a privilege for you only, and not for the rest of the Believers; We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom they possess; in order that there should be no difficulty for you and that you should be free from blame.”

and we call Idi Amin a bad man?

He was merely following the footsteps of the "noble" one


someone in another forum put it this way.

Sure, Safiya, a young and beautiful girl of 17, was madly in love with the old, smelly and toothless Muhammad who was 60 years old. This is very normal. Actually she fell in love with him at the age of 15 when Muhammad ordered her father Huyah ibn Akhtab to be beheaded along with the prisoners of Bani Quraiza and his body be dumped in a ditch along with other victims just like Saddam Hussein buried his victims. I can imagine her hearing the story of how her father was butchered and feeling the intense love for his murderer right away. Her love increased when Muhammad tortured to death her young husband of one year, who happened to be her cousin too. This is very natural for women to fall in love with filthy old men who kill their fathers and husbands. When Bilal took her by the decapitated body of her husband, her cousin became hysteric and started shouting in panic. Muhammad said take this devil away from here. But Safiya felt Hot right away and could not wait to with Muhammad.


Please dont talk out of ignorance, Mukina here pressented facts that are proved. Whether copied or not, they are facts.

I thought people get knowledge by researches, and if you are making a research then definately you have to read it somewhere.

Be more constructive in your arguments, disprove what she said with facts, if not then just shut your mouths up.


why this arguement? the question is if Mohammed is from Allah and not if he is from God. Yes he is a prophet sent by Allah (not God). After all the muslims believe that God isnt same as Allah.


. . .just don't forget to "observe" and take them anti-psychotic pills prescribed for you.



Wanted to see more replies not just few, because this would NEVER make me stop OBSERVING !!!

I wanted to see more and more comments, that will atleast show you Guys know what you are doing out there, which I wanted to let you know that you are just WASTING YOUR TIME !!!

English abi na YOUR MOTHER TONGUE ? Mr. Grammer !, I don\'t even need to go to school to oberve you Guys because you are Bunch of Shits!!

For your info you don\'t even see anything yet, I just get in, and for you David, I am not Jobless like YOU pretending to be Forum Hero.



he'll soon come in as "koranpride"



I hope you will not "observe" your entire life away, when peoples like Davidylan are making a difference in the world.

Dont you see how intelligent and active the guys is, contributing on politics, religion, sports, etc while you are busy "observing." Dont you know Naraland is a social-networking forum: Social Networking is a major topic of discussion now at World Development Forum in Davos (have you ever heard of that?) Oh, it is paining you he is not on your side, yeye fellow. You are the one who needs to find something to do rather than observing your life away!

NB: Your poorly constructed sentences shows you need to be more active, maybe your grammar and spelling will improve, olodo rabata, oju eja lo mo je (x3)!!



What a <b>GOOD OBSERVATION !!</b>

I have been observing this for long, yet I could not see why some people cannot reason, and always after critics without proof. I now come to realise there still intellegent around that can REALLY deal with such people.


DON\\\'T ANY MORE LISTEN TO davidylan, TayoD, Havila and Co, Soon I will dealed you with my further observation on this Die-Hard Enemies of Truth, Claiming to be Christians whom I guessed are not even going to Church on Sundays (Are always online doing evils responds).

I will like to start my Observation for DAVIDYLAN:

I observe this Guy claiming to be Christian (I wonder) spents much of Nairaland surfing on Religious attacks, a closer looks/observation at his Nairaland statistics will reveal that:

Religion 801

Politics 627

Racism, Tribalism, Sectarianism 347

Romance 339

Sports 242

Dating And Meet-up Zone 66

Offtopic 65

Family 58

Career 56

Nairaland 53

This Guy  as I said, spenting his precious time online, critizing Others on thier Religions  (I wonder if He has one) more closer looks on His Spenting can clearly shows that:

Total Time Spent Online: 31 days, 23 hours and 46 minutes

Total Posts: 3044 posts

Total Topics: 42 topics

Number of Polls Created: 1 polls

Number of Votes Cast: 78 votes

What A Jobless person on Earth !!! I guess this guy should find something IMPORTANT doing out there if his SENSE is still with him,

Meanwhile, this is just Observations I did on Nairaland, further 100\\\'S OBSERVATIONS on this Guy will soon REVEALED, To Prove that his Guys doesnt deserve to be attend to, YOU SHOULD AVOID MORE DISCUSSION WITH HIM SINCE HE FORCE HIMSELF NOT AT ACCEPT ANY TRUTH EVEN IF IT IS FROM POPE !


Soon one after the other I will Observe the rest of the guys WHO ARE JUST RELIGIOUS FANATICS.

I Finally, I observe if what this Guys David was doing is RIGHT would have comvince Thousands of His Follows to Stick to Thier Religion , instead of Wasting High Bandwith and Team without ACHEVING ANYTHING !!! OF COURSE ANYTHING,



This thread unfortunately is not interested in discussing the obvious link between terrorists and islam!

I think you meant people will continue to be FORCED to accept islam at pain of death, more people will be born to a muslim with 10 wives and more muslims are under the threat of death for those who dream of converting to other religions!

Let someone else please remind me this is not the religion of peace! What is this "truth" we have refused to understand? Why are muslims all afraid of criticism rather every muslim continues this half hearted bleating for christians to create their own threads?

Why are muslims afraid to answer our questions? Why are they quick to respond to "attacks" with violence? Why is every attempt to scrutinise the quran seen as an "attack"? If indeed you have heart, why have you refused to answer any question here rather prefering to go the popular route of violence?

Again, what is making the muslims here afraid?

Ready for what? To decently answer our questions or slit our throats?

As usual, the common escapist strategy




Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials of America Knows The Truth What about you !!!


And better Watch Painful Deception From American Journalists - How America Easily Fools and Decieve U Guys That Muslims are Terrorist, in other Killing our beloved Muslims


Every Single Day Islam is spreading Worldwide with Millions of Critics and Haters Likes,


FOR DAVID and co Who Are Always interested in attacking Muslims post, Very soon Your Blogs and Posts will recieve massive Attacks, Since REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OR SIMPLY CREATE YOUR OWN THREAD FOR YOUR CHRISTIAN FOLLOWERS, INSTEAD OF BEATING ABOUT THE BUSH,







“Islam is the antithesis of Biblical Christianity.

Christianity advocates love and compassion

toward God and one’s neighbor; Islam promotes

hatred and cruelty…Mohammed, the founder of

Islam, wrote the Koran, the Moslem holy book.

It is a mixture of desert folklore and customs,

revelations of Mohammed, and elements of

teaching from both Judaism and

Christianity…Not only have parts of the Koran

been lost or deliberately removed, but ‘entire

verses and chapters have been added to it’…The

Koran also claims that Abraham was thrown into

a fire by Nimrod. The mere fact that Nimrod

died centuries before Abraham was born appears

to be of no account! The Koran contains many

such errors. As a young child Mohammed was

nursed by a Bedouin woman by the name of

Halima… ‘The child had had numerous fits, which

made Halima think he was demon possessed.’

Early Moslem tradition records that when

Mohammed was about to receive a revelation

from Allah: ‘…he would often fall down on the

ground, his body would begin to jerk, his eyes

would roll backward, and he would perspire

profusely…’ It was while Mohammed was in

this ‘trancelike’ state that he received his ‘divine’

revelations…Mohammed had ‘an appetite for

women’ and married 15 wives, including a ten

year old girl. He even married the ex-wife of his

adopted son who was divorced from her husband

specifically for that purpose. The marriage caused

such a scandal that Mohammed received ‘divine’

revelation to the effect that he was married by

Allah’s direct command…In February 1989,

Salman Rushdie, a Moslem living in the United

Kingdom, wrote a novel entitled ‘Satanic Verses’

which caused a worldwide storm among

Moslems…The verses concerned Mohammed’s

appeasement of the pagans in Mecca. He received

‘divine’ revelation that it was ‘perfectly proper

to pray to and worship the three daughters of

Allah: Al-lat, Al-Uzza and Manat.’ The verses

caused another storm within Islam because it

showed rejection of monotheism in favor of

polytheism. But Mohammed later returned to

monotheism and subsequently received revelation

of Allah’s ability to ‘abrogate’, that is, cancel a

past revelation and replace it with a ‘similar’ or

‘better revelation’. The ‘Satanic verses’ were

not included in the text of the Koran after

Mohammed’s death; they were ‘abrogated’. ‘The

literature on the ‘Satanic verses’ is so vast that

an entire volume could be written just on this

one issue. Every general and Islamic reference

work, Moslem or Western, deals with it as well

as all the biographies of Mohammed.’…While

Mohammed was trying to encourage the Jews to

accept him as a prophet, Moslems prayed five

times each day facing Jerusalem and also kept

the Jewish Sabbath and other Jewish laws. When

it became increasingly obvious that the Jews were

not at all interested in becoming his disciples, the

incensed prophet changed the direction of prayer

by turning his back to Jerusalem and faced Mecca

instead. He also dropped the Jewish laws, and

adopted the pagan Friday Sabbath in place of the

Jewish Sabbath…Moslem scholar and statesman

Ali Dashti writes: ‘The historical evidence is

crystal clear that Mohammed adopted the pagan

religious rite of a pilgrimage to Mecca to worship

at the Ka’abah in order to appease the Meccan

merchants who made a tremendous amount of

money out of these pilgrimages. Thus, for

financial and cultural reasons, Islam adopted the

pagan pilgrimage to Mecca…The roots of Islam

are buried in Arabia-in Mecca-in a square, stone

building called the Ka’abah…In the Ka’abah,

there were 360 jinn (genies-idols, angels and

demons), one of whom was called Allah….’\

‘Allah is a purely Arabic term used in reference

to an Arabian deity.’ ‘Allah was known to the

pre-Islamic Arabs; he was one of the Meccan

deities.’ ‘Allah-worship, as well as the worship

of Baal, were both astral religions in that they

involved the worship of the sun, the moon, and

the stars.’ ‘In Arabia, the sun god was viewed as

a female goddess and the moon as the male

god…The name Allah was used as the personal

name of the moon god.’ ‘Allah, the moon god,

was married to the sun goddess. Together they

produced three goddesses who were called ‘the

daughters of Allah.’ These three goddesses were

called Al-lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat [of the ‘Satanic

verses’].’ It was the Jewish refusal to accept

Mohammed as their prophet that instigated the

January 9, 2002

raw Islamic hatred against them…Allah

subsequently commanded Mohammed to

destroy all the other idols in the Ka’abah, and

thus Allah, the moon god, became Allah,

and Islam,‘absolute submission’, was

born…The Middle East is the homeland of

Islam. It is where Islam was born…And in

1948, the Jews (whom Mohammed, the

prophet of Allah, belittles in the Koran and

urges his followers to kill) disposed Allah

from a portion of his land…For this reason,

1948 became ‘the day of the greatest shame

in the modern history of the Arabs.’ The

‘face’ of the Arab nation was ‘blackened’

with shame, as was the face of its god…No

true Moslem can rest until Israel as a nation

is obliterated, Allah, the god of Islam, has

been dispossessed of a portion of his land,

and his honor has been sullied, as has that

of his ‘warriors’-Israel must be annihilated

to restore that honor…The Koran forbids

the existence of the Jewish state, and there

can be no peace in the Middle East while it

exists…Mohammed, who all Moslems

revere, said, as he was dying: ‘Never do

two religions exist in Arabia.’…Mohammed,

the founder of Islam, who taught his

followers that: ‘A day and night of fighting

on the frontier is better than a month of

fasting and prayer.’…Mohammed’s

teachings urged his followers on, and still

initiates, statements like the one previously

cited from the Moslem cabinet minister, that

‘Violence is the Moslem’s most positive form

of prayer.’

‘Let the reader make no mistake; both the

Jews and Christians are targeted for total

annihilation, unless they are willing to

submit to Islam…Christians must heed what

Moslems in the Middle East chant in their

demonstrations: ‘First we will fight the

Saturday people; then we will fight the

Sunday people.’ ‘…In their holy war against

the infidels of the Judeo-Christian faiths,

they declare that they will first reckon with

the ‘Saturday’ (that is, conquer the Jews).

Then ‘Sunday’ will succumb to the

conquering hordes of the prophet and his

god, Allah. Islam will thus triumph over the

‘Christian’ world.’

‘During the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq, a

survey was taken of Arab-American

Moslems living in the United States, and

the results were startling for those that

conducted the survey. They reported that a

staggering 82 percent said they would not

fight nor would they allow their sons or

daughters to fight for the United States in

the war…On the day that Arafat signed the

agreement on the White House lawn-on the

very day-he made an address to the

Palestinian Arabs on Jordan TV in which he

said inter alia: ‘Since we cannot defeat Israel

in war we do this in stages. We take any

and every territory that we can of Palestine,

and establish a sovereignty there, and we

use it as a springboard to take more. When

the time comes, we can get the Arab nations

to join us for the final blow against

Israel.’…Arafat’s concept of peace is the

same as that of Mohammed and

Saladin…’Peace for us means the

destruction of Israel. We are preparing for

an all-out war which will last for generations.

Since January 1965, when Fatah was born,

we have become the most dangerous enemy

that Israel has. We shall not rest until the

day when we return to our home, and until

we destroy Israel.’ Arafat was even more

pragmatic when he defined the peace he

offers Israel: ‘The PLO offers not the peace

of the weak, but the peace of Saladin.’

Saladin was the great Moslem warrior of the

12th century. His capture of Jerusalem in 1187

sparked the Third Crusade. But Saladin is

also ‘famous’ for the ‘peace’ which he made

with the Crusaders, before he attacked with

ferocity and drove the Crusaders from the

Holy Land. It was Mohammed himself who

laid the foundation for Islam to build a

history of making peace with an enemy in

order to attack at a later, more opportune

time. In 628 Mohammed made a ‘peace

treaty’ with the Kuraish tribe in Mecca in

order for Moslems to worship at the

Ka’abah. Two years later, when he had

gained more followers and was considerably

stronger, he abrogated the treaty and

attacked the Kuraish people, slaughtering

every male among them. This agreement

between Mohammed and the infidels of

Mecca is known as the ‘Truce of

Hudaybiyyah.’ ‘This truce became a model

and a precedent in Islamic law for all

agreements with infidels: never


Newsweek - October 1, 2001, page 34


FOES. , How the Arab states we call our

friends sow seeds of terror and what we

should do about it…what are we going to

do about countries that are the real source

of modern Islamic terrorism-our faithful

allies, Saudi Arabia and Egypt? Almost all

are from Saudi Arabia, Egypt or that quasi-

Saudi gulf state, the United Arab

Emirates…These countries have been the

fertile ground on which radical Islamic

terrorism has grown…it is worth

remembering that not a single Afghan has

been directly tied to any terrorist attack

against the West. This is a vast Arab

operation that happens to be based in

Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia’s connection to

these terrorists is particularly illuminating.

Embracing Wahhabism, a rigid, puritanical

version of Islam, the Saudi regime has tried

to bolster its faltering legitimacy in the past

two dedcades by fueling a religious revival

in the Arab world. It funds mosques, trains

preachers and builds schools across the

globe that teach its fiery interpretation of

Islam, one that views the outside world and

modernity with hostility…The editor of the

international Arabic paper Al-Hayat met

Osama bin Laden six months ago and said

that the aides and bodyguards who

surround him, almost 200 people were all

Saudis. In an article in the current Spectator

of London, Stephen Schwartz points out that

every major terrorist attack against the West

in recent years has been conducted by

people who have embraced Wahhabism.

‘Bin Laden is a Wahhabi. So are the suicide

bombers in Israel. So are the Egyptian allies

who exulted as they stabbed foreign tourists

to death at Luxor…So are the Algerian

terrorists…So are the Taliban-style guerrillas

in Kashmir.’ It is clear that Saudi Arabia

now exports two products around the globeoil

and religious fanaticism.”

Time - October 15, 2001, states: “…The

Saudis had supported Islamic political

groups throughout the Middle East for

decades, but the training of thousands of

young Wahhabis was their first real taste of

jihad. Among the recruits was a 21-year-old

business administration graduate of King

Abdul Aziz University named Osama bin

Laden, a scion of a Jidda construction clan

that made a fortune building the kingdom’s

infrastructure…’ (Page 65) ‘…Asked by

Time in 1998 about reports that he was trying

to acquire nuclear and chemical weapons,

he (Osama bin Laden) replied, ‘If I seek to

acquire these weapons, I am carrying out a

duty. It would be a sin for Muslims not to

try to possess the weapons that would

prevent the infidels from inflicting harm on

Muslims.’” (Page 71).

Well thats my view.


@TayoD, shahan, Davidylan,

I agree completely with you guys. Many times I have had to declare that my perceived 'hatred for Islam' is just an hatred for all such works of darkness from whom we've been instructed to have no fellowship and reprove as written in Eph 5:11 posted by shahan.

But importantly, why not see the quotation of dear ugwumba which I highlighted in red colour; then you can understand who he is. You know you can read into peoples mind by just reading whatever they wrote. This guy believes in "Holy Books" (plural) so you should not be surprised by all he said. Becuase we know and we declare it boldly that: "THERE IS ONLY ONE HOLY BOOK; IT COMPRISES THE OLD TESTAMENT OF JESUS CHRIST & THE NEW TESTAMENT OF JESUS CHRIST -- IT IS CALLED THE HOLY BIBLE."

Did I hear somebody say 'which version': All the different versions, as long as it declares the Old and New testaments of Jesus Christ. Even I hear there is a Bible for prostitutes, it is a Holy Bible as long as it fulfils above and leads them to Christ!!



Confrontation is not the same thing as hatred. Why the growing notion by a number of folks on nairalnad that love can only be expressed through affirmation?! So I should affirm your practice as a sign of love even though that practice is evil? If you are a Christian who has studied the life of Jesus in the Gospel, then you will understand that He is a confrontational personality. He never let evil slip by Him one bit. He confronts and corrects with passion and that is what we are admonished to do: 2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

We are only following in the footstep of Christ my brother. We can't stand Him being misrepresented by idol worshippers and those who name His name but don't follow in His steps.


thanks sir Ugwumba. clearly the religion threads are not meant for those who are so shallow in their faith they will even read the quran "for knowledge" and acknowledge mohammed as a messenger of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Good day to you!


Like I have said, you choose your ways, and I have chosen mine.

You may think this is 'political correctness', but your folly is that you think your ways are God's ways, and here the whole message of the Holy Books are lost on you.

By responding after this, I enable you to spread your message of intolerance as the way of God. I WILL NOT HUMOUR YOU.


1 John 4: 1Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

3And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

Unless we have been infected with the spirit of lukewarmness and compromise that is now sweeping through the world in the guise of political correctness, Mohammed denied the Lordship of Jesus Christ, he is an antichrist! Simple as ABC!


That line is enough to assure me you know nothing about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Once more you fuel the growing notion that millions who refer to themselves as christians do not even know who they are in Christ. To associate Mohammed with thee God of the bible is heresy and blasphemy! Keep up the politically correct form of islamo-christianity.

That is the lie of the devil! Even the devil quoted bible verses too, it did not make him a saint! The devil keeps christians in check by decieving them that to be "good christians" is to desist from condemning false prophets and religions!


*these conversations add no value to my life - be the way you choose*


Lol. . . just because I post what the Qur'an and Hadith say, I have become a hater?? Sorry if it makes you wonder. At least, it is Islam I hate, not muslims themselves. If you love someone, you would warn them of the danger that they are largely aware of. . . lovingly, of course: and I trust that's what I've been doing.

Let me assure you this: indeed I've read all those and more; but that doesn't get into my head as if I'm more intelligent than anyone on Nairaland. Not at all. If you fail to catch my drift and on that account feel I'm not born again, it's really not up to you to decide the matter at the end of the day - it matters what God Himself says.




You may have read all you say, but you display so much hatred in your response to Islam that you cannot truly claim to be a born again child of God. Love conquers all, and you may want to take some advise - God does not reward those who spread hatred in His name.


I have read 5 English translations of the Qur'an, read quite some volumes of the Hadith, studied the various denominations in Islam (over 70 of them), and read quite a library of books authored by Muslims themselves. For real.

I am also a Christian who has read the Bible at least 9 times since my being saved, and have a variety of study materials in my personal library at home - from concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedia, various versions of the Bible, to Greek and Hebrew study tools.

If you'd like me to, it's no bother to post what you're missing about Muhammad. In the meanwhile, please look at the previous ones in against my username and see if what things I wrote are largely out of sorts with what the Qur'an teaches.


Those who speak of the Holiness of God and preach love, forgiveness and tolerance of each and everyone, are these not truly the Blessed of the Father, and should they not be called His prophets?

Who are we to judge God's ways, or condemn His messengers?


Shahan, have you ever bothered to read the Quran? I am Christain, but have an English version given to me by a muslim friend. Reading it convinces me that all those points apply to the Prophet Muhammad.


If you can prove that all the things you highlighted apply to Muhammad, point made. But that those things do not apply is why we are here. The reason why we are enjoined to expose false prophets is so we do not fall for them and hurt our eternal future.


So you guy knows the dangers of Islam?, and you don't confront it why?, there are lot of debate here in the forum that need your knowledge and attention, I therefore advice you guys to enter these different Chat rooms and show to the Muslims with love and care that Islam is not good for them. And that is what I have been doing some fews past days with some of my muslims friend. Are you ready or not?


@ mukina dat is d best ans any1 can give once again welldone


Allah and Mohammed are one and the same since a revelation always came when Mo was in dire straits about an issue.

So Mo sent himself.

End of story.


Oh sorry, i thought sokislam was one of those muslim appologists always "waiting. . . " for non-existent "proofs".

Sorry bro to have confused you with idol worshipping heretics.


Sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to get a few things clear. Shahan, what is Davidylan supposed to apologise for here? And for what reason(s)? Did you mean that:

1. Davidylan should apologise to sokislam because sokislam is a Christian, not a Muslim.


2. Davidylan should apologise to sokislam for calling him a confused individual.

Which one is it?



How bodi? Abeg, I don't think our beloved brother sokislam is confused. He is beloved and knows Jesus Christ. Here's why:

I know a muslim when I read one. Muslims don't talk like our beloved sokislam. In the spirit of love and brotherhood, I think you owe him an apology.

Peace and blessings.


davidylan i understood what he meant, Allah is the god of idols , so he is right muhammed is not a prophet of the living God but of Allah, their Allah is the god of darkness, hatred, killing, corruptions, etc as i mentioned earlier.

May the true living God have mercy on you sokislam,


Yet another confused individual who like others before him needs to run to google to "copy and paste" his "proof"!

Can you please explain what you mean by "God" and "Allah"? Are you now confirming what we all knew all along that both Allah and the christian God are NOT the same?


Muhammed is never the Prophet of God, but he is the prophet Allah. I will proof that very soon.



Are you unable to read now? I know you will never accept the truths revealed in other scriptures regarding Jesus as the one prophesied about in Deuteronomy 18:18, and that is why I provided the proof in Deuteronomy 18:2 which I now quote again: Therefore shall they have no inheritance among their brethren: the LORD is their inheritance, as he hath said unto them.. So are you saying among their brethren mentioned here in verse 2 also refers to Ishmael? I hope you are truthful enough to acknowledge that is not so. In any case, if the phrase in verse 2 refers to the 12 brothers of Isreal, why should the one in verse 18 means something else? And by the way, the Bible would have refered to Ismael as cousins. Search that word and you will find it is very well used in the Bible. I'm sure you know there is a difference between brethren and cousin.

Your Koran expressly says in chapter 34 verse 44 that Mohammed was sent to the unlettered, so why are you trying to prove he was sent to the people who were already lettered: the Jews? "We did not give [the Arabs] any previous books to study, nor sent them any previous Warners before you." (Koran 34:44). And isn't it said to the Jews that: "to you your religion, ?" Isn't that contradictory to Deuteronomy 18:18 which will imply that the Jews are to leave their religion and listen to what that Bedouin Prophet had to say?

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