Is sex a sin

Do you think that sex is a sin? Read the article if you have some doubts about it!

Frankly speaking, Bible doesn’t say that much about sex. Nevertheless, the questions of the sexual behaviour and morality continue to be hot topics for the church for almost two thousand years and many people still question themselves “Is sex a sin?”


In recent years, the debate about the homosexuality, abortion, divorce, contraception methods and attitudes towards sexual abuse of the children has worried the hearts and minds of all Christians around the world. It is still causing a debate and creates a lot of inconvenience to the church authorities.

But if Jesus himself didn’t say that much about sex then where do the rules of sexual behaviour, which church constantly talks about, come from?

The questions of whether having or not having sex before marriage were always very important. And, despite the fact that we live in the 21st century, the topic still hasn’t lost its relevance. Let's try to look at the problem from the different sides.

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Those who believe that it’s necessary to keep the virginity until the marriage, mainly refer to the religious norms. And most of the religions say that it’s indeed not a good idea to do it before you get married.  Many people believe that only a virgin can wear the white dress of the bride, because it symbolizes purity and chastity.

The idea of ​​abstinence before marriage has always been popular among a lot of cultures and countries. There is certain propaganda of virginity the United States. The Presidential Administration annually gives out a lot of money to support the idea of ​​chastity.


Keeping the virginity before marriage is becoming a kind of a fashionable trend there.

There is another thing. From a medical point of view, being a virgin gives you a guarantee of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, it is eliminating the risk of the unwanted pregnancy and, as a result, reduces the amount of abortions. However, the use of modern contraceptive methods and a common sense significantly reduce these risks.

There is also a serious moral side of the issue. Some people think that when you get married being a virgin, a person with no sexual history, it gives the relationship a special charm and romance.

But there is another side of the coin. Sexual intercourse is a necessary and perhaps the most important component of a harmonious relationship of man and woman. If you marry a virgin, you have no idea how things are going to be in your bedroom. What if it doesn’t work out for you?


In addition, the age of the people getting married has grown significantly over the past few years. Keeping the virginity till 25 years is not only difficult but also dangerous from a medical point of view.

The sexologists claim that the majority of patients having sexual problems have started a sexual life later than they needed to. Lack of sex in teen age may be responsible for the long-term depressions and. And the risk of getting sexual problems in your further life is higher.

Moreover, some scientists say that the lack of sex at the age of 20 or older may be an indirect cause of homosexuality.

And here is an interesting fact. People who have lived together before they got married, get divorced rarely.

Is sex a sin in Buddhism?


 Sex is not such a big deal in this religion. They only say that people shouldn’t abuse sexuality. However, you decide what abuse is for you. Buddhism doesn’t separate the soul and body that much. Even while the casual sex the people start to feel some kind of bond between them. Buddhism doesn’t say you have to be forever with the same person. But if you feel something special to that person you shouldn’t ignore that relationship.

Is sex a sin in Hinduism?

Sexual energy is a sacred force, which is in the core of our being. The normal, healthy sexual expression is only a starting point. There’s nothing bad in having sex.

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