Jesus Christ Life: A Fiction Or Fairy Tale?

Horus: Is Jesus' life story a copy?

In Bill Maher’s movie Religulous, he tells the story of the Egyptian god Horus.

Some say that the life of Horus closely mirrors the life of Jesus and could have been used by the writers of the gospel to form the story of Jesus’ life.

Before looking into this claim, it's important to keep in mind that Christians believe that their so called BIBLE was sent by a god, hahahaha, what a funny set of people

So, what are the comparisons between Jesus and Horus? they are the following.


Horus: By a virgin.

Jesus: By a virgin.


Horus: Only begotten son of the God Osiris.

Jesus: Only begotten son of Yehovah (in the form of the “Holy Spirit”)


Horus: Meri.

Jesus: Miriam (a.k.a. Mary).

Foster father:

Horus: Seb, (Jo-Seph).

Jesus: Joseph.

Foster father's ancestry:

Horus: Of royal descent.

Jesus: Of royal descent.

Birth location:

Horus: In a cave.

Jesus: In a cave or stable.

Birth heralded by:

Horus: The star Sirius, the morning star.

Jesus: An unidentified "star in the East."

Method of death:

Horus: By crucifixion.

Jesus: By crucifixion.

Accompanied by:

Horus: Two thieves.

Jesus: Two thieves.

But are they true? Did the gospel writers really model the story of Jesus’ life off of an Egyptian god?

No wonder, in every Jesus picture there is sunlight across his head, Just like Horus the Egyptian god of sun

Am a Jew, I’ll never ever accept that carpenter as my savior, the savior that could not safe his self from death,


Through these responses, we establish a fact that the story of Jesus' life, as recorded in the Gospels, was modeled after the story of the Egyptian god Horus.

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Jewish gal, wherefore art thou?


This thread is becoming hilarious


Hi Rhino. I'm not trying to confuse anyone. All I am saying applies for Christianity as well as for other religions, or non-religions : Investigate the evidence first before you begin to proclaim your message. That's all. I'm just advising jewish_girl not to accept everything just because someone on tv said it.

Also, I did quote my sources in my earlier post.


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ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT!!! Jesus story is a fairy tales like Vampires stories.

F+U+C+K+ That Girly look Man called JESUS


@ naijacutee.

Am very intrested in this topic if you care to know. Dont try to confuse people with your dogma, if your source is a book in the library, then qoute the name, authurs name, page or whatever,

Pls. Dnt derailed this thread,


If you do care to know, then I'm afraid you have it wrong about the Bible.

The Bible was not sent by God. I'm not sure God operated a postal service back in the day. The Bible was inspired by God. This means that it was written under divine guidance. Let me explain :-

It is a collection of 66 books, from different parts of the world, in different languages (Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic), by different authors, across different timelines over about 1600 years, pointing to the same event/person.

How can these books, in these places, over such a long period of time be orchestrated to point to one event? The Bible itself answers this question by telling us that it is the divine word of God.

Sources: http://www.biblica.com/bibles/about/11.php



Intellectual laziness at its finest. While looking for something to confirm what you already believe, you turn to a fictitious movie with an agenda for "confirmation". It is surprising the lengths that people will go to join the anti-Christian bandwagon for whatever reason.  Ok, so what do the history books say about Horus?

(Just to remind you that Horus is a figure of Ancient Egyptian mythology, hence these are popular myths)

Conception : Horus was born to Iris (mother), after Osiris (Father) had been murdered by Seth, his uncle.

Thus his father was Osiris, not Seb.

And his mother was Iris, not Meri.

Let's not go into this but there are so many myths surrounding the impregnation of Isis including sleeping with Osiris just before he died, and Osiris being tricked into a coffin, sent to the Nile and dismembered except for his privates which Isis used. Again, I cannot vouch for the veracity of any of these texts - they are myths and subject to change.


I cannot find anything about where he was born, but there are plenty of articles suggesting that he was hidden in the marshes as a baby from his uncle Seth, who wanted him dead.


There is no evidence of being heralded by any star in any of the texts I have looked at. Please if you find some credible evidence, could you share it?

Method of death:

There is no evidence anywhere to suggest that Horus was crucified. Crucifixion was purely a Roman thing - it was a method for the execution of criminals in Ancient Rome, and there is no evidence to suggest that this was an ancient Egyptian practice. (Again, it you find any evidence, please share - technology has made it easier for us). If anything, my thoughts are as follows:-

- Ancient Egypt had a practice of preserving their important dead through mummification. 

- Thus, if Horus (if he existed) was a revered and important person, why would he have been crucified? Crucification is a humiliatig death ritual performed in front of an audience.

- Also, if he was somehow, in some way crucified, as an ancient, important, egyptian, would he have been mummified as well? So why wasn't he?

These are two complete things in two totally different parts of the world. It's like saying Bill Clinton used to consult a babalawo in the morning before going to the office. They do not match, there are different cultures and different practises, and no reason to believe or suggest this. (Unless one has an agenda, that is).

Accompanied by : ?

Thieves? Again, no evidence to suggest this.

My source : (I got this from a library so cannot provide a link to it here, I'm afraid but here are the publication details)

Publication : Ancient Egypt Magazine April/May 2009 edition

Article : PER MESUT : Horus Son if Iris

Pages 52 - 53

Also see this website (It's not my religion, but they make a lot of sense) : http://www.bringyou.to/apologetics/HORUS.htm

And you can also check out the Coffin texts of ancient Egypt.


ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT!!! Jesus story is a fairy tales like Vampires stories.

F+U+C+K+ That Girly look Man called JESUS


@Jewish_girl; here is a youtube video for your enjoyment; If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!

@infidelguy; The Quran is not a Jewish fairy tale. Alhamdulillah. you dont know everything. the reason you dont believe that there is A God.

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